Thursday, May 26, 2011

Adios, Arizona

In two weeks, I'll be saying goodbye to Arizona. You've treated me well. I will miss you, but it's time for me to start a new chapter in my life, time to go back to my home grown roots. Although I say I will miss you, I've never really considered you home.
There are many things I will miss and some that I won't.
I will miss...
Your beautiful sunsets.
The diversity of things to do in the state.
Although not a fan of your sports teams, I will miss living in a town that has all the major sports.
Truly authentic Mexican food.
Speaking of food, tamales at Christmas.
The smell of orange blossoms in the spring.
How beautiful the scenery can be.
My random trips up to Superstition Mountains. It's been the mountain I've been to the most.
The snow-capped Four Peaks.
Monsoon season. Arizona can throw down a good thunderstorm. But they are few and far between.
Udder Delights
A few hidden gems I have found here: Tonto National Park and the Lava Caves.
Fiesta Bowl, never attended one, but loved how the city came alive at that time.
Having a Starbucks on every corner...or within a short driving distance.
Zoolights and Las Noches de las Luminaries
Midnight showings of the Twilight movies.
The Grand Canyon
The lights on South Mountain, they were always my sense of direction.
I'm sure eventually I'll start to miss AZ winters with no snow. :)
I'm not going to miss...
The heat!
The wretched smell in Gilbert at night.
The snow birds. Indiana might be enjoyable in the winter, the elderly people will be in AZ!
Black Widows and Scorpions
Southwestern Christmas decorations. Never seemed right seeing lights on cactus.
People expecting me to speak Spanish to them because they don't speak English.
And why we are on that, I'm not going to miss all the illegal immigration stuff in general.
The freeways. They are so bad!
The smog covering the entire valley.
Walmart trips.
My AZ allergies.
When it "spits dirt" instead of rain.
Not being able to walk outside without shoes on in the summer.
How ugly the desert can be.
My yucky, dry skin.

What I'm looking forward to in Indiana...
4 seasons! Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Being close enough to Chicago to watch a Yankees and White Sox game.
Attending a Notre Dame game.
Lots and lots of greenery everywhere. 
Blue Jays and Cardinals (the birds) in the winter time. 
The small town feel, it will take some getting used to, but I am excited for it.
Midwestern meals.
Trips to Chicago, Ohio, northern Indiana.
Family get togethers.
Christmas lights twinkling while covered with snow.
The first sign of spring after winter.
Midwestern homes with actual basements.
Exploring my state, finding the hidden gems. I never really did that before.
Being closer to Tennessee. I so want to go to Graceland! Uh-huh.
Cuddling up with a blanket, a book, and some tea on a blustery, cold day.
Wearing my hoodies more often!
My skin being hydrated because there is humidity in the air.
Taking some pictures at Lake Michigan again.
Lightening bugs, they bring back such memories of my childhood.

There's so much to miss, not to miss, to explore. I'm exicited about this adventure and can't wait to see what God has in store. Indiana is my heart.


SaraMarie said...

Love your reflections! I am writing a similar one. So far, the number of things I will miss is five and the number of things I won't miss is 20 (I actually have more, but cut it off at 20--HA!) You are of course one of the things I will miss! Love ya, girl!

Christina said...

Congrats on your new adventure!! Love your lists! They had me giggling! Good Luck with your move! Hooray for going "home"!!!!