Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trip Log, Day 1

Miles traveled: 535
States my feet have touched the ground in: 2, Arizona and New Mexico
Lunch: Subway
Dinner: Lake City Diner
Today was the day, the day I set off on my journey to Indiana. I was thankful no one was around to see me off this morning, it would have taken the tears overboard. As I grabbed my purse this morning, the very last thing to grab in the house, the lump appeared in my throat. I started the car and proceeded to start crying. I couldn't believe I was really doing it, really moving to Indiana after talking about it for so long.  It's all still scary and exciting. I'm a mixture of emotions. But I know God is gonna be with me every step of the way.
The drive doesn't seem too bad so far. I was in New Mexico in no time flat. I've learned a few things about myself today: I am obsessed with windmills and crosses on the side of the road. Windmills first, I just love old fashioned wind mills. Granted, no pictures of them today, they were on the opposite side of the road. But they just make me all happy on the inside.
And about the crosses on the side of the road, as morbid as this sounds, I've always wanted to take pictures of everyone I see. I see them as oddly beautiful I haven't taken any for a few reasons: it really is MORBID and I want to respect the family of the person who died. I always find myself wondering how they died. Most of them are probably from auto accidents, but I still wonder the details as to how they died. Sadly, I saw quite a few crosses on the road today.  I even saw a few on the mountains, which left me perplexed. Within a mile or so of each other, I noted three crosses on different mountains. 
Best picture of the day:

Random picture of the day

I like this whole not having a schedule, no where to be, just taking my time and exploring the sites, free might I add! Tomorrow, I set off for Texas. Not before exploring this place called the Blue Hole. It's supposed to be a hidden gem in this small, quaint town for divers. Although, I have no intention on diving, I heard it's also a great spot for pictures!
Until tomorrow!

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