Tuesday, March 10, 2009

When you need me...

...I will be there. I value my friends very much, but the close ones are the ones I value the most. These are the people I would do anything for, no matter what they need. If a friend said they needed me, I would drop what I'm doing to be there for them. Because in reality, if I said that to one of them, they would do the same thing. And that is what friends are about, loving each other despite of our faults, be there for each other when we are reaching out for help. Yesterday, I had a friend who was text messaging me. She was at her wit's end. I talk to her every day, and we try to see each other often, but sometimes our schedules get busy and we don't see each other. But when she texts me and you can read the need for a friend in her text message, I knew she needed some girlfriend time. I made a split decision to cancel the plans I had with another dear friend to be there for this friend who was on the verge of a breakdown. I picked her up at her house and promised a night of calories. We went to Coldstone. We both had horribly good creations (Cake Batter FTW!) that our hips most certainly did not need, waffle bowls included. But we sat there eating our pieces of heaven and just talked. I love moments like those where you are with a best friend and you can be so vulnerable with someone and not have to worry about anything. I said something totally ditzy (which is totally me by the way), which made us both laugh hysterically. And even though, I said something off the wall, we both needed the laugh. Laughter, great friends, Coldstone, and deep conversations. It really does not get any better than that. *Green girly sheep*

I've started applying for jobs in Portland. Sadly with the economy, I have only applied for one. They really don't have a lot of jobs available. I will just have to faithfully keep checking the websites on a weekly basis. I applied for the Medicaid program in Oregon. I figured I might as well try there since I'm qualified for the position. They aren't really hiring right now, though. It's just an open continuous position that is posted, which means they are collecting applications until they have a vacancy. This week, I'm applying for the Housing Authority. I have to fax the application and resume on Thursday. I've bookmarked numerous sites, spent a good three hours on the web looking at jobs, only came up with the Housing Authority job. I'm trying to stay with the government. I am willing to change agencies in the government, even go from state to county, etc. But the jobs just aren't there. There are a lot of positions for nurses, but of course that's not me. I shall continue my search.

Hey, the economy is tight right now and I've become an absolute frugal gal all of a sudden. Here are some sites I found that list deals and some freebie stuff. I have been meaning to put this stuff into a blog forever, just haven't had the time.

1. I have found that if you go to a website of a brand you like (clothes, food, restaurants, grocery stores, etc) and sign up for their newsletter, they will sometimes send you coupons on the things you love. :) If you don't want your email box cluttered with all the mail, then simply open up another email account for the newsletters.

2. I had so much free food coupons for my birthday, I didn't know what to do with myself. The great thing about this, is companies will usually send your birthday coupon about a week before your big day and they usually expire a week after your birthday. Go to Google and type in "free stuff birthday".

3. Frugal Coupon Mom is a site I just discovered yesterday on Dr. Phil. She lists different coupons for sites, secret sales, etc. She has a Feedburner and you can easily subscribe and have the deals delivered right to your email.

4. Hey It's Free! is another site. Seriously, free stuff is the best way to go. They also have a place to sign up for newsletter.

4. The Bargainist is a discounted site that list various companies with deals. Newletter link provided as well!

5. Cheap Stingy Bargains is another great site. I get all these emails sent to me and I thoroughly enjoy reading them and taking advantage of deals when I can. You can sign up there as well. I'm more for the newsletters, if I have to actually come to the site, I will forget.

6. Freecyle is a good site to obtain free stuff. You can find stuff or post stuff to give away. Everything is free, you can not sell stuff here. However, sometimes you find something someone is giving away that is in pretty decent condition. I haven't gotten anything off of here, but I have tried. I'm not usually quick enough to respond.

7. If you receive the Sunday paper, then be sure to look in the A&E section. Every once in awhile they will advertise movie tickets free or other events. Like, I got free tickets to the Desert Botantical Gardens once. Just by looking in the section and seeing the ad.

8. If you don't mind getting some text messages, some restaurants are now sending you free things via text messages. You can find the information usually on the receipt or on the counter.

Okay, I must depart you now.



Quote of the day: "Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can." ~Wesley

P.S. Thank you for all of your comments on my last post. Seriously, I'm ever grateful to you that I opened up my soul, just a small smidge, and you all made me feel loved. :D


Romi said...

XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO!!! Look forward to seeing u tonight and thanks so much for your supportive email...God's truly blessed me by you!! You RAWK, Ms Brandy!! : ) Hope you're enjoying a beaUtiful day!

And thanks for sharing all those cool sites to better help us be frugal! : )

Roxanne Kristina said...

Loved the great tips!

Roxanne Kristina said...

Hi Deary. I tagged you:

AZmommy23 said...

LOVE the tips! I always check couponcabin.com for online codes and links when I'm shopping online. I'm going to check your links out! Thanks!