Monday, October 20, 2008

This and that

You all know I love me some bullet points. Today, I shall provide a general update on the musings of my life.

  • School is more than half way done. I've been studying every chance I get. I don't think much is sinking in. I am just taking the class day by, praying I won't have to take it again next semester.

  • I am hating the fact that it's the middle of October and it's still hot outside. Gah! Can we please have cool weather? I am really missing fall right now, more than I think I ever have. Hopefully by this time next year, I'll be experiencing a real fall again.

  • I talked to my niece yesterday (not the one with the baby, the other one) and told her of my plans for moving closer to her. She proceeds to tell me she's moving to Texas this January. Ah, such is life. We discussed that after the new year, we would make plans to see each other. I think a road trip to Dallas might be in order! She just turned 19 on Saturday.

  • My days have all been running together, with being up at the hospital. Please pray for my aunt, Connie. I honestly don't know how much longer she's going to live. She could live for years still, but every trip to the hospital (this time, she's been there for almost two weeks) brings some new problem...this time it's her kidneys and she was put on dialysis Friday.

  • While sitting at the hospital on Saturday, waiting for my aunt to get back from dialysis, the hospital called a Code Grey. Now, I know what a Code Blue is, but I didn't know what Code Grey was. But after it was called, all of these men came running down the hallway. I was determined to find out what this code meant. Code Grey is called when there is an aggressive patient who is fighting. There you have it, now you can sleep tonight.

  • I just finished reading The Shack by William Young. It's a fiction book, but holy cow! Go read this book. It was an amazing book! You can find it pretty much anywhere, I promise you will NOT be disappointed. Here's the website, It's a quick read. And it has made the list as a favorite book. It's such a good book.

  • Everyone around me is sick, including roomie. I'm desperately trying not get sick.

  • Sports news: Tampa Bay Rays beat out the Red Sox and are heading to the World Series. That made me extremely happy, I didn't want the Red Sox to go to the World Series. Being a Yankees fan, the goal when they are not playing, is to root for anyone playing AGAINST the Red Sox. Yay Tampa Bay! On a side note....Jason, you have turned me into a complete sports maniac! But you already knew that. And I think because the Rays beat out the one team I didn't want at the World Series, I shall root for them during this time.

  • I've been asked to teach the three year olds at church once a month. Of course I'm going to do it, however the three's class is one class that is difficult. Oy vei. Those kids, give me grey hairs.

Hmmm....I think that is all I have to share with you right now.

Have a fantastic day!


Quote of the day: "Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." Marcel Proust


Roxanne Kristina said...

I love the new lay out on your site. Great work!

I love that you are open to God's lead during this busy time in your life.

And I love that you are such a student of life. Not just school, but life. Your reflections are encouraging.


Romi said...

Oh yeah, pleeeease grant us some cool October weather, Lord!! This heat is killing me!

Oh golly, you're moving?? : ( So where are you thinking of going? You'll be deeply missed!

Definitely lifting up your Aunt Connie. Please keep us posted.

Code Grey...I could probably apply that to my daughters when they're misbehaving! ; ) lol Nice to learn something handy and useful!

Oh my, yes, The Shack is an amazing book! Try reading it a second time, but putting your name in place of Mack's. I did that and boy did that make it even more impactful, profound, and personal!!

Okay...gotta run, but mega dose blessings on your weekend, Brandy! You're da bomb! Dana and Sarah were so excited to see you this past Sunday! We'll def. see you on 11/2!! : )