Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The freedom to vote

Okay, you know I'm not big on politics. Unless you're living under a rock, then you know that this is a presidential election. I'll be honest in saying, that I'm ready for it to be over. I'm so tired of looking at the street corners covered with signs. As things are getting down to the wire, the candidates are getting nasty. The campaign ads are full of bad information about the opposite candidate. The news talks about people who still have yet to make a choice. They call them undecided voters.

I have a confession to make. I am one of those undecided voters. Normally, when I vote, I don't vote Democrat or Republican, I look at what the candidate is for or against and base my decision that way. I have done that for a long time. But this year, I'm really not happy with the two candidates and actually had decided originally that I just wasn't going to vote this year.

Then this came......


Yes, folks, there you have it. Last year or so, I opted to do early ballot from now on so I wouldn't have to go stand in the lines at the election polls. A few weeks ago, it came in the mail. When I received the ballot, I got a sting of guilt that came over me. As stated in paragraph above, I wasn't going to vote this year, even though I have voted in every presidential race since I turned 18. But then I started thinking about the fact that we live in a country that gives us the freedom to vote. There are countries in the world where people, especially women, are not allowed to determine who is in charge of our country. But we, as Americans, are.

Watching the news, the races are very close, although last I heard, Obama was in the lead. And so, I know that literally every vote will count and it's going to be a close race. And yet, I still continue to stare at this ballot, knowing I need to make a decision and get this mailed off like now.

I am so unhappy with both of then, the thought of filling in that little line in the arrow for McCain or Obama, makes my stomach turn. There are other names on the ballot for presidential candidates, Bob Barr (Libertarian, never heard of him), Cynthia McKinney (never heard of her), and of course good ol' Ralph Nader. His name is always on the ballot. I began a long time ago to look at their issues and even did it recently to see what they are for or against. The stuff I read on CNN makes them both look really good, but then I read other stuff, and it makes them both sound horrible.

The economy, illegal immigration, education, the war, health care, etc., they are all important issues. And there is one issue I won't budge on, that would be abortion. I have an interesting story about once being pro-choice to now being pro-life, as someone watching from the sidelines, never having an abortion myself. Maybe one day, I'll share it with you, but not today. No matter what, that is the one thing I absolutely, positively will not budge on.

And so then, if I based my vote soley on that one issue, then I would have to say I'm voting for McCain. I know that I can't base who is going to be president by whether they are for or against abortion, but right now, with me, it's a matter of that or not voting at all.

But still the thought of voting for either one literally scares me.

No matter who wins this race, it's definitely going to be one that will go down in the history books. We are either going to have our first woman vice president or our first African American president in office, running our country.

Okay....I am filling out my ballot and will mail it today.

*Sigh* I'm still having an uneasiness about it.....


Roxanne Kristina said...

I COMPLETELY hear your frustrations on this one... I am blanking on his name, but a really popular pastor in CA interviewed both candidates, saying we needed to stop demonizing the other party. They both have good and bad (the pastor is maybe Rick Warren? I am still blanking). Anyway, seek your heart. I pray our Holy Spirit gives you clarity. And yes, you will LOVE the OR skies!!!

TeamHedrick said...

I think we might not all agree on which candidate to vote for but we can all agree that we can't wait for this election to be OVER!!! I'm with you Brandy- I get so sick of hearing it, seeing it... that I'm tempted to release myself from all of this craziness and not vote- but who am I kidding? Good thoughts! Although- if Chris and I are voting for different candidates, don't our votes just cancel each other out?

Leah said...

I know what you mean, girlie... I'm really rather thankful that I'm so far away and we don't exactly know how to get an absentee ballot and all that so I don't have to cast a vote for either one this year (though, if I were, I'd go for McCain if only because he has Sarah Palin for vice). Like you say, neither candidates are a great choice... I HATE POLITICS!!!

I want to hear your story and how you became pro-life... Or is this one that I already know??

Brandy said...

Roxanne-You're such a sweetheart for always coming by! Yay for blogging friends! :) Maybe one day, we will meet.

Lesley- Definitely ready for the election to be over. I did vote and felt relief as I mailed the ballot. And I don't think if you and Chris vote for different people, it will cancel the vote. :)

Leah- See look? Now, I can stalk you here and on Xanga. Muhahahahaha! :) I decided to blog here as well (just copied over from Xanga), due to me actually knowing so many people who have blogger. :)

Romi said...

Okay...count me in on the "I can't wait until this election is over" partay!! I know I wouldn't feel that way if there was one quality candidate to vote for, but sadly that's not the case (then again whenever has that been the case in politics! grumble, brumble)

And you're soooo right, Brandy...those mail in ballots ARE THE BEST THING since sliced bread!! It makes the challenge of who to vote for a little less painful. More peeps should sign up for it and I think there'd be a better voter turn out too! Yikes, I'm still one of the's hard and tempting not to vote, but vote we should, carefully.

Great topic and thoughts as always, Brandy!! Blessings n prayers on your weekend! : )