Saturday, October 25, 2008

A sale!

Man, don't you just love a good sale? My mouth literally starts to salivate at the sound of a good sale. Especially since I am a woman, the word sale is a big part of my vocabulary.

When I see signs like this, it really gets my motor running.


What? A 9 hour sale? Oh my gosh! No way! We have to go, and we have to go now! If they are having a 9 hour sale, then the deals are going to be really good! Oh, I simply can't wait! Oh what will I buy? Should I buy stuff for myself? Buy Christmas gifts? Who cares? IT'S A SALE! I bet this is going to be bigger than the day after Thanksgiving sales.

Who knows? All I know it's a sale! And it's a big sale, a 9 hour sale! Look! They even put the sign up nuzzled between two palm trees with a lovely sky background.

Let's go! Anybody want to come with me???????

Wait, wait. We won't be going shopping. This sign was actually outside of my GHETTO apartment complex today when I got home from work. Yes, I was so perplexed by it, I HAD to take a picture. While taking the picture, I was saying this to myself, "Oh I'm so going to blog about this!"

Yes, folks, my apartment complex is apparently so desperately looking for new tenants that they have to advertise with this sign. There's no multi-unit apartment complex sale, they are just looking for people to move in.

Oh good grief.

Oh by the way, if you decide you want to attend the spectacular 9 hour sale, make sure you watch your car. Here's another lovely sign posted a few feet away from the sale sign:


Oh apartment complex, you bring me reasons to blog.

Ha! Have a great weekend! I shall update in a few days.

I'm out like a broken light bulb.


Quote of the day: "We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails." ~Unknown  

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