Monday, October 27, 2008

Day trip

So, before I leave Arizona, I am determined to see as much of it as I can. I have lived here for almost 10 years and never wanted to explore much. Some parts of my state is pretty, but I can think of another state that I bet is way prettier than this one. And I will do my fair share of exploring when I get to the new one. Jason is my road trip buddy and my encourager when it comes to hiking, caving, etc.

This is the Tonto Natural Bridge in Payson, Arizona.


Yes, we do have waterfalls here. We weren't too impressed with this one.


Walkway to get to the prized view.


Pool of water down by the walkway.


The prized view....yeah, it may not look like much in this pic.


The underside of the natural bridge. We are down at the bottom of the waterfall.


Caught the rainbow.


A better view of the under side of the bridge.


My favorite picture of the trip. Looking up at the waterfall.


It was so peaceful there.


One of my best friends and road trip buddy.


It looks like I am chewing on my tongue. :P


Standing where we were, we just felt small trinkles of water. Then the wind blew.....and we got SOAKED!

We left and had lunch, then went exploring some more. We found some roads that weren't very traveled, especially a dirt one.


The view from the random dirt road.


I have really been missing these colors. *Sigh*


Sheri said...

Those are such beautiful pics. Looks like a wonderful day and does it get any better than spending it with a best bud? Nope!
Hope you're doing well chica!!

Sara said...

Love the picture of looking at the sky and sun through the waterfall! I'm glad you got to go out on a day trip. Way fun! Tony and I are both AZ natives, and there are a lot of other beautiful places, but we like to go off roading all the time (we did more before we had kids). I hope you get to see a lot more places while you are exploring.

Roxanne Kristina said...

Wowa! This looked incredible!!! You are an amazing photographer and writer. Felt like I was on the hike with you.


Brandy said...

Sheri- Yes, he is my road trip buddy. We go everywhere together.

Sara- That pic of me looking up is by far my favorite. I just love how all the pictures weren't bright and that one was.

Roxanne- Hooray for hiking with me. I love to explore...can't wait to explore my new stomping grounds in about a year.