Friday, October 17, 2008


I am someone who doesn’t deal with change very well. I like the idea of things being normal. Once something changes, the normalcy isn’t always there. Sometimes when change happens, chaos ensues and I really don’t deal with chaos well at all. I like things, no matter what they are, to remain the same. However I know that if everything stays the same, then one doesn’t grow. So whether or not I want something to change, it will, and I will be forced to adjust, forced to grow.

Isn’t how funny how quickly something can change? One day you could be alive, the next day in a moment’s breath, your life can be taken away. But sometimes change happens over a period of time, it’s not something quick, not something that you blink your eyes and it’s passed you up.

  • Seasons change and right now I find myself yearning for a real fall more than anything.
  • Time changes, the minutes that have ticked by are ones that can never, ever be recovered. All you can do is take advantage of every moment. Live your life to the fullest.
  • People change for the good, people change for the bad.
  • Relationships change; they can be strengthened or weakened. Relationships are a funny thing, something we all need in our life, something that really takes a lot of work to keep up.
  • Feelings change for people in your life. You love them, you despise them, you decide you life is better off without them in it.
  • Our bodies change. I’m reminded every day of the fact that I’m getting older when I look in mirror. Change happens to our bodies whether we want it to or not.
  • The words we say can change people’s attitudes, thoughts, and feelings. Words that are spoken out of anger or hurt can NEVER be taken back. I tend to be the one to throw hurtful words, but over time I’ve changed. I still throw them, but have learned to control my tongue a lot more. It really doesn’t do me any good to say hurtful words because they tear deep down at the heart. A feeling I have experienced and I shouldn’t want someone to feel that pain. I decide not to say something, knowing that what I have to say is going to cause pain. It’s just best that I don’t say anything.

People can change the situation they are in, if you’re unhappy, then it’s up to yourself, not anyone else to change it. If you have a bad attitude, you can choose to change your attitude. Lately the change around me has been good and bad and I’m desperately trying to not let it affect me, but it has. But there are some changes that can’t be fixed like a loved one who is dying from a disease. In that case, you can not stop change, you can not change the fact that this is happening. The only thing you can change is to support them through this or not.

I still find that at 31 I’m learning many things about this life of mine, and everyday is a new learning experience. It has been two months since I really started dealing with more change than I wanted and it’s been quite interesting. I’ve grown a lot, but still growing, still experiencing change. And change has thus brought tons of chaos in my life. I look back and see things in my life, and then I can see where a change happened. Sometimes it was a change that was much needed; sometimes it was a change that I wish never occurred.

Something that doesn’t change is God’s love. The seasons come and go, minutes leave me, there are good and bad people in my life, relationships are coming and going more than I want them to, and words that are spoken or unspoken exist, but through it all….God is still there, His love hasn’t changed. That is one fact that I know.

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." ~Victor Frankl


Sheri said...

I love how God creates people and all the different aspects to our personalities. Sure reveals so much about Him. I absolutely thrive on change. When things aren't changing in my life or surroundings, I feel stale-stagnant-bored. Funny, huh? My family jokes about how I'm always "re-organizing". I used to think it was because I was so disorganized (at times I am) but mostly it's because I like to try new things to see if a new way works better. It causes chaos, unsettled feelings and lack of "normalcy" for me - which oddly enough is what I thrive on.
I never claimed to be "normal" though! LOL

I'm thankful for a life of learning—of being challenged and stretched. Painful at times, yes, but at 38 (eek!) I look back and wonder who/what I would be if God had allowed me not to change, not to be challenged, not to encounter Him in the good and not-so-good relationships I've grown and changed from.

Like you, there are definite changes that have happened that I would have never wanted or prayed for. God has been there through it all-holding my very soul in His hand to ensure that whatever changes were prompted in me and emerged from those events would be molded through His love...if I allow Him. Ah, there's the key - allowing God to mold me through those rough times, those hard times, those bad relationships, and those difficult chioces. Not allowing my heart to be hardened by this life here, but instead, focusing on the eternity that's waiting for me.

Good stuff chica. Bexitos.

Roxanne Kristina said...

i'm in a totally hurry but wanted to hop over and thank you for your kindness

i took a quick glance at your post

i am not one for change either

i like your friend's perspective, how we are all made different

makes it neat that God's family is diverse allowing us to meet all kinds of needs

and a neat you meet is being so sweet and kind

bless your heart


Elizabeth said...

Hey Brandy,
Thanks for your comments on my post today. Funny that in some ways, we were thinking along the same lines...we do make choices to feel the way we feel a lot of the time in so many different situations.

I, like Sheri, love change, but the more I think about it, the more I think, I love change in my teaching so much because most of the rest of my life is pretty hum drum. I guess, more than change, I like spontanaiety and things not being exactly like they were the day before.

I will say, I have to have routine in my life because my brain is such random chaos, that I need hum drum on the daily stuff just to keep my thoughts straight.

I know that God has been changing me over my lifetime, but it hasn't been until just recently that I've looked back and realized that He has been orchestrating everything all along. Hmmm? He is amazing and sneaky too!

Remember to savor every moment and just breathe through the changes and He will reveal Himself in all of it.