Monday, June 8, 2009

Movin' on

Last Monday, I announced that I was ready to change my moving situation. For reasons left unsaid, I have to move to keep my sanity. If you know me, then you know the dealio. But I am excited about this new adventure that God has provided me. After much prompting from Kristine, we decided that I will move in with her for 2-3 months to save some money. God blessed her with a three bedroom house and she has affectionately called the third bedroom the "Transition room". It's a room that people can use as a temporary basis until they transition to the next change.

Not only will I be saving money, but I will also be living with one of my best friends. I am getting more and more excited about this. God is giving us another opportunity to strengthen our friendship. It will be a good situation. I am moving to Gilbert. I hope to find an apartment there or in Chandler. My life seems to revolve around the SE valley right now and I'm honestly just sick of living in the area of Mesa I am in now. It's time for a change in many ways.

With moving comes the nasty task of packing. I am already sporting battle wounds from purging, packing. I have numerous bruises on my legs and a cut from a cardboard box on my thumb. I always get wounded when I start packing, moving, etc.

I decided to get a storage bin to store everything. I was going to use a friend's shop to store things, but I just don't want to feel like a burden. I have a small storage bin, 5x5. I am only packing a few things, everything else I am getting rid of. Any furniture I have is either going with my roommate or to Goodwill. I am only keeping my bed and bookcase. So, I am purging like crazy.

I really don't have much anyways, I don't even have a vacuum cleaner. You know what that means, when I do get my own apartment...everyone is invited to a housewarming party! :)

One more thing, on a side note. I am still in counseling for whatever issues going on in my head. I have an appointment with him this morning. I do believe it might be time to move on from him as well. I really don't know why I am going today. I really have nothing bad going on in my life. Life has been great, no dark days. I'm pretty sure he is going to tell me the same thing if not today, soon! Looking back to a year ago when I really started struggling with the fact something was wrong with me, God pulled me through it all. He got me here to where I am right now, happy, grateful to be alive. He surrounded me with people who just loved me despite my many faults.

He is so good!
Have a great day everyone!

Quote of the day: "Happiness pulses with every beat of my heart." Emily Logan Decens

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