Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Pre-Super Bowl

Happy Saturday everyone! How are you doing? I'm doing pretty fantastic. I just got home from a meeting with Tres Dias. That is that retreat where I'm speaking in April. I had to give my lesson today for critique. Oh man. I was doing okay, until I stepped up to the podium. Then I starting getting really nervous, my hands were sweating, and my left leg was shaking so bad. I was scared! In my lesson I talked about how people have deepened my relationship with Christ and what I'm doing about it. I'm a private person, very few people actually know me, the real me, good and bad. Today, I had to give these women a snippet of who I am. Oh man, that was the hardest thing to do and that is why my legs were shaking so bad. But, it's over and I received a lot of extremely positive feedback. Whew! Now, I just have to give it for the actual weekend, which is the first weekend in April. It will be here soon.

So, tomorrow is the Super Bowl here in AZ. Are you planning on watching it? Who are you rooting for? I'm probably not going to watch it, and I'm perfectly okay with that. I like Notre Dame football, but can't really get into football any other time. Not only is the Super Bowl here, but so is the FBR Open (some huge golf thing) and Glendale moved their "I Love Chocolate" Festival to this weekend as well. Hello revenue! It just seems as though everything is crazy busy now. Even here in the East Valley, many miles away from where the Super Bowl is being held, I just feel as though everything is busy. My Super Bowl Sunday is going to consist of doing homework, taking Jason's mom out for her birthday and then church with Jason. No time for football. Oh darn. But recently, I have been watching basketball. Back in the day, I totally used to be a huge basketball fan. I was all over the Chicago Bulls, I watched them all the time. But I kinda got out of it when I moved out of Indiana. But recently, I have been watching it again. The only time I see it is when I'm at J's house and we are watching the Portland Trailblazers. He said he was determined to make me a fan. And even though I don't watch many of the games, I find myself checking their schedule to see when and who they are playing next. So, I believe slowly, the basketball fan is coming alive in me. Ah, J, you should be so proud. He wants to make me a Yankees fan as well, we shall see. Lol, that might make it a tad bit more difficult as my roomie is a Red Sox fan. They are enemies. But, my opinion on her take on sports shall be saved for another day.

Oh yes, before I go. Remember a few weeks ago, I was meeting with a friend I haven't spoken to in over a year? We talked, before she got to say anything, I started apologizing for my actions, apologizing for not being the friend to her I should of been. I prayed to God she would forgive me, that we could move past everything that had happened. She found it in her heart to forgive me. We are going to Macayo's for some Mexican Food in a little bit. I'm thankful she forgave me, I feel humbled by God it happened the way it did. Awed once again by his greatness.

I'm off to dinner! Have a great day!


Quote of the day: "A strong woman is not one that never falls, but one who gets up after falling." ~Unknown

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