Friday, September 7, 2007

Pepsi and Corn Nuts

I don't know what it is, but when I go on a road trip that is two hours or more, I have to have Pepsi and Corn Nuts. It's like my driving food. This past Labor Day weekend, I took a road trip to California for my niece's baby shower. I went alone as all of my friends are back in school or working. But it's all good. My neice only lives about 6 hours away. It's not too bad of a drive, but it would be sooooo...much funner with a gal pal. Meh, maybe one of these days. I didn't make it to the beach this time and I still didn't get my fish tacos. But the beach is always going to be there, and the fish tacos will always be there. My neice is so, so pregnant and just beautiful. It's a bittersweet moment for me. I so just miss her being little and us going to FAO Swartz in Vegas. But now's she's all grown up, married, and very soon to have a baby. I was talking to her today and she made a comment that we both fold our laundry the same way. It made me smile. I helped her straighten up the house and did some of her laundry for her. For a good portion of her life, as well as her two younger siblings, I was there, taking care of them. I shall be returning to California soon once she has the baby. She also reminded me of the fact that I'm going to be a great aunt. Oy vei. I popped a gray hair when she said that.

Anyways, school is going good. I haven't decided what classes I'm going to take next semester. Yes, I know this semester just started, but registration for Spring has started already. I'm definitely going into my 4th semester of Spanish, but not sure, what I'll take with it. I had a test in each class this week. I don't know what I did on the Psychology test, but I totally got an "A" on my Spanish test. Yeah baby! Our Spanish teacher that we have is just a sub. He's been with us since the beginning, our actual professor is coming back next week. I've heard horrible things about her. Hopefully she's not bad. A difficult teacher will make Spanish 201 hard to understand.

No new news as far as my car is concerned. Well maybe a little. I had to put a new battery in on Monday, and of course, a new tire on Tuesday. When I found out that my car had a flat on Tuesday, I called a few people to come help change it, but no one was able to come right away. I had school later that night and really needed my car. I am working from home now on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I was home when it happened. I figured, how hard is it to change a tire? I got in my car, got out the manual, and changed the tire all by myself. One of my guy friends said he was impressed with me, actually, I was impressed as well. So, now I know how to change a tire. Hooray!

So, every weekend, I help with Children's Ministry. For quite some time now, I have been leading small groups with the 1st -6th graders on Saturday. Well, this weekend, I'm venturing into a whole different world, and will actually be teaching the kids at 6:30. I'm not really nervous right now, but catch me tomorrow and see how I am. Haha. I always tend to go through things fast, my lesson needs to be between 15-17 minutes. I hope I can make my lesson go that long. We shall see how it goes.

Anyways, gotta go! Have a great weekend!


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