Monday, July 16, 2007

This is the week

Good morning! Happy Monday! How is everyone? I'm fantastic, as usual. It looks a bit cloudy outside and it just might rain. *Grin* I'm so ready for some rain today.

Next week, my job is sponsoring a food drive for Salvation Army. We do it every year and we use it as a competition for each office. Every day will be a specified food day, like Monday might be a "tuna day". We can bring in anything we want, but if you bring tuna on Monday, then you get extra points. I am on the committee that plans the food drive, and something that really is bothering me is that Salvation Army requested that we do not give any Top Raman at all. Okay, I'm sorry, first off, Raman is cheap! And can buy excess of it for a very small amount of money. And I don't think that Salvation Army should be complaining about the food they receive, but be thankful for everything. I guess last year, they got a lot of Raman. I can see both sides of the story, but it just bothered me a little.

This past Friday was my friend's memorial service. We had her service in the chapel at our church, it was packed to capacity! It was so amazing to see how many people's lives she had touched. She worked at Cox Communications and there were so many people there from her job. Our church parking lot was honestly filled with Cox trucks. I saw all these men walk in, they are still in uniform. You can tell they are on duty, some of them are dirty, but it's amazing to see them all there. I can't stand to see men cry, that will usually push me to the edge of crying. Believe me, there were a lot of men crying. Some people got up and spoke and they all said the same thing, she loved shopping and chocolate. But they all also said that no matter where she went, she was the ray of sunshine. That is so true. There was also a slide show of pictures of Erica over the years. It was nice and a good means to get closure.

So, this is the week, the one I look forward to every year. Drum roll's time for VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL! Hooray! This week always provides for an awesome week. We will all be exhausted by the time Friday gets here, but it's totally worth it. Our theme this year is "Lifeguard" and how God is the lifeguard over our life. This year, I'm supervising the 1st - 3rd graders. The best night of the week is always Friday. After everyone picks up their kids, all the families, staff, and volunteers go into the Worship Center and we see pictures of the week as well as sing and dance. It's so fun.

Anyways, that is all today. Have a fantastic day!

Quote of the day: "You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance." Franklin P. Jones.

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