Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Different Colored Eye Day

Yep, you read that correct! This is one of the few quirky holidays that actually pertains to me. It has taken me so long to get used to my eyes, now I LOVE them! God definitely gave them to me for a reason and they provide interesting conversation! So, in case you haven't seen them, I'm adding a pic. My left eye is green and my right eye is half brown, half green. This is a really good pic and shows my eyes. There's also Erin, a pal of mine on here (, who has the exact same eyes (color and all) as me, but her left eye is split and her right eye is green. There is also a girl in Children's who has one blue eye and the other is half brown/ half blue. So, yay for being blessed with two different colored eyes! I'm trying to get my boss to give me the day off, but he's not giving in.

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