Sunday, July 22, 2007


There is this song from Tim Hughes called "Everything". That is one of my favorite songs. Ever since the first time I heard it church, I loved it immediately. The song really focuses on how our thoughts should constantly be focused on God. I just bought the album today, here are most of the lyrics:

God in my living, there in my breathing

God in my waking, God in my sleeping

God in my resting, there in my working

God in my thinking, God in my speaking

Be my everything (repeated 4x's)

God in my hoping, there in my dreaming

God in my watching, God in my waiting

God in my laughing, there in my weeping

God in my hurting, God in my healing

Like I said, the lyrics says it all. It's so easy to get distracted and lose focus on God. So many people (including me) get so caught up in the ways of the world. We are supposed to be IN the world, not OF the world. I have definitely gotten better about my thoughts, but I still need some work.

VBS was so awesome last week and by Friday night, we were all exhausted. Someone told me that we had about 700 kids registered. It was so awesome to see them worship and get all excited about the skits. I was kinda bummed the first few days because my most favorite part of the whole week is the worship. I've said it before, I love nothing more than to worship and dance with those kids. I was supervising this year and running from place to place and didn't get to do a lot of worship. But I had to get over myself. I was there to serve, anywhere. VBS was definitely not about what I got out of it, it was what the kids got out of it. The Children's pastor said we had about 30 committment cards for kids who wanted to have a relationship with Christ. Oh dude, that's so awesome. That makes me happy. I love to see kids get baptized. My eyes tear up every time I see one at church.

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