Monday, August 1, 2011

Feeling discouraged

That's the number of jobs I have applied for here in Indiana.
That's the number of interviews I've had from the 80 applications submitted.
When I was in Arizona, I kept saying I would get a job quickly at least with the government. I mean, I have over 10 years of government experience, I should be a shoe-in, right? I know I shouldn't think like that, but I did. Government, health care, retail, whatever. I've applied for many different jobs.
Here I am two months later and still unemployed. I can't remember the last time I went this long without a job, I've always gone from one job to another. I know there are people who have been unemployed a lot longer than me, but I never thought I would be without work this long. I've never watched my spending so much before. Another thing I've had for so long is health insurance. But I haven't had any for two months either. I've had to step into new areas like calling a free health insurance clinic to see if I can get in so I can get my medication refilled. There was no open appointments, I've been put on a waiting list for an appointment. I've started calling regular doctors in the area to see how much they charge for an office visit for someone without insurance. The cheapest I've found is $60. That's not including the costs of any tests they may need to run, nor is it including the cost of medicine. There's no money coming into my bank account and it's depleting.
But I am still remembering to trust God. Although, I haven't got a job and I haven't exactly found a home church yet, I'm still making sure I tithe. It's only $20 every week, but it's something. I cancelled my Netflix account, which saved me $10 a month. But prayed about supporting missionaries in Mozambique. So, I'm taking my $10 that I was spending on Netflix and supporting a missionary family in Africa. Again, it's not much, but it's all I can do without any extra income coming in. God knows my heart and he knows I'm trying, little as it may be, I am trying.
I'm not used to having all this free time. No school, no work, not currently involved in serving anywhere. I had contacted Grant County Women's Shelter last week to see if I could volunteer and the woman who ran it wasn't very friendly on the phone. I got the feeling that she really didn't want to be bothered, so it didn't happen. God orchestrated a meeting yesterday with a lady at the current church I am attending who happens to run another homeless shelter in Marion. I jokingly asked if she needed any help with employment or volunteering. She had said that they laid off 6 people a few months ago, but was in desperate need of volunteers. I explained to her that I was currently unemployed and had all the time in the world to help her with anything she needed. She gave me her cell phone and asked me to call her this week. I'm excited about the opportunity to volunteer.

Every night I pray and tell God how good and faithful he is. I know this to be true. I just forget sometimes. Lately I have been singing a song that the worship pastor at Sun Valley wrote called Sovereign Lord. It's just been the chorus I have been singing, "Why are you so downcast oh my soul? Our God is good, our God's in control."
Yep, God is good and he's in control. Don't forget that, Bran!

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Jason said...

If the financials get really tight, I got your back! :D