Saturday, July 30, 2011

Country Girl

Something has happened to me since I've been home. Somewhere deep inside me, a country girl has been trying to get out. I've never lived in the country, I've always been a city girl. But my time here has taught me that deep down I'm a country girl. I used to never listen to country music. If I did, it was few and far in between. I like a good selection of music, but I generally listen to rap/hip hop. Lately, my radio station has been on a country station and for some reason the music doesn't bother me at all. I've even deleted a few rap/hip hop songs on my Mp3 player to make room for Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, & Taylor Swift. I've also been listening to classic rock a lot more. I've always liked classic rock, but now my radio is always on a classic rock or a country station.

I went and bought some khaki capri's a few weeks ago at Fashion Bug. They also had some camouflage capri pants. I found myself looking at them and debating on purchasing them. Okay, I have never cared too much about camouflage. Honestly never cared at all. I left the store without purchasing them, but couldn't stop thinking about them. So I went back a few days later to get them. Sadly I didn't purchase them that day either. The only reason why I didn't purchase them was because I couldn't find a shirt to match them. But I am still thinking about buying them.

I never had the want to know the workings of a farm. Never. Now, I want to find a farm to volunteer on and learn about running a farm. I want to learn everything about the business, including the down and dirty stuff. Although, I know how to shuck corn, I want to learn how to pick corn, soy beans, whatever. I want to know the difference between animal corn, regular corn, and sweet corn. I have no idea how to get involved with volunteering on a farm, but believe me I am looking. I wonder if the college has some farm classes. I'd be willing to take them! :D

I am just becoming all around country and it seems to suit me so well. From the country songs to my flip-flop tan, and let's not forget the camouflage pants that I will probably end up purchasing anyways, I am in my element!

Seriously loving my country life here in little ol' Jonesboro, Indiana!

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