Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Unplugged Version

In my previous post I wrote about going unplugged starting last Sunday. Turning off all electronics. It was just something that was put on my heart to start doing. The goal was to spend more quiet time with God. I had the plan of going to a park with my Bible, my journal, a devotional book, and another book I was reading. I wanted to just hang out at the park alone for the afternoon. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

My morning was quiet, I read my newspaper in silence and drank my coffee. For some reason that coffee tasted especially good that morning. I did read my Bible, but still hoped I would be able to continue later. I choose to drive to church in silence as well, no radio. Even though I was listening to a Christian station. I used that time to quiet my heart and sort out some thoughts in my head. I always get to church early and usually sit and play on my phone till church starts. But on Sunday, I brought along a book I was reading to enjoy. I would like to say I had a quiet time at church. Although the sermon was really good. My three year olds were all out to drive me crazy on Sunday. I swear it was a full moon. None of them listened, they were all causing trouble and being so demanding by saying, "Get me this, or do this." Or instead of saying "Miss Brandy" like they normally do, they were all saying things like, "Hey" or "Teacher". It's like they forgot their manners. In my head, I cursed the parents for raising their children this way. I was immediately convicted by my thought. I shouldn't have thought that, the kids were just having an off day. I was flat out exhausted by the time class was done, it's difficult being the only adult in there (I had 2 youths helping).

I had started deep cleaning my apartment on Saturday and didn't get to finish, so I spent the rest of my afternoon finishing up my apartment. So, no park for me. After that, I had to rewrite some Math notes. By the time I had finished with the notes, it was 9:15 pm. I had gone the entire day with no Internet, no Facebook, no Twitter, no TV, and no phone...until I turned my phone on to set my alarm. I don't have a clock in my room, I use my phone. I sent a quick text saying hi to a friend. I know I shouldn't have. But I did. And was immediately convicted by it. I went to bed annoyed and woke up Monday feeling like a failure for a few reasons. I didn't do what I wanted to do on Sunday, instead I cleaned my apartment. And I failed at the last minute by sending a text message.

And so, Sunday shall be a new day of silence. I still want to go to a park and I have a handy, dandy, new camera that needs to be broken in. Maybe I shall go to the lake and do my stuff there while taking pictures. Although I failed at the last minute, the various times of silence I had throughout my day, gave me time to think about my faith, relationships, and some other things going on in my life. Overall it was a good day. Looking forward to the next one!

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sunnycalgirl said...

Hi Brandy, I can learn from you new friend. Thank you for joining me at American Dreamer. I see that we like some of the same books. I so enjoyed Heavenly Man. the Shack was interesting and good despite some negative comments I had heard about it. I am going to reread your post as it sure hits home for me..Have a wonderfully blessed day! (: