Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Am I Here For?

This is a question that I used to ask myself a lot before I became comfortable in my relationship with Christ. I am currently reading a book called The Hole in our Gospel and the author, Richard Stearns says it perfectly when he asked the question why did God made him, "To love, serve, and obey Him."

That's it. That's the only reason I am here. Along the way, people have been put in my life to hold me to those three things. Every day, I try to follow these rules. However, I'm far from perfect and I fail. I have self-esteem issues, I struggle with depression, I judge people, I struggle with my mouth and my attitude. I have a nasty temper and I tend to push people away when they are trying to love me. I could go on and on about my faults. But I make no apologies for who I am. God loves me, imperfections and all. It has taken me a long time to come to be able to write that. I'm still not 100% comfortable say that yet, but it's getting closer.

Now to the reason for my blog today. What are you here for? If you are a believer in Christ, then you're here for the exact same reason I am. I understand not everyone believes as I believe. But then I begin to question you and your motives. Let's talk about people who focus on the constant negatives. I really don't spend my days putting people down. But there are people that thrive on that kind of stuff. It could be something little or something major.

What I hate more than anything is when people tell me that I don't have a life or that I'm a prissy girl because I live my life for God. My life is so uncool because I don't drink or party. Or because I would rather spend a Friday night having yogurt with my best friend and window shopping than to hang out with a bunch of people at a party. I would rather spend my Sunday mornings teaching kids in Sunday school than to sleep in or do nothing on Sundays. I would rather spend my two week vacation in another country working with orphans than to spend it in a lavish place sight-seeing the latest and greatest tour spots. I would rather take the $ I could have spent on a Starbucks coffee and feed a homeless person.

Don't sit and tell me that I don't have a life. My life is full of joy, full of stability, full of people who love me. My life is full of loving hugs and giggling children. My life is full of many Friday nights in and lots of NON-alcohol induced laughter. My life is full of aspirations to go serve God in another country, continents away from my family and friends. I am single and enjoying it. It's not the end of the world if you don't have a mate by your side. Not everyone is intended for marriage and I can better serve God without a man in my life. That would be another reason why people say "I don't have a life".

My life is full of people who bring me up, not people who bring me down. If you are one of those people who are constantly going to tell me my life is so blah or I'm so prissy because of the decisions I make every day to follow Christ, then I really don't want you in my life. I don't need you bringing me down. If you don't support my decisions to do what I do, then you can de-friend me now, this is for friends and family. On second thought, maybe I will delete you as a friend. I do not regret any decision I have made in my life. All of my decisions have brought me here to where I am now: loving, serving, and obeying.

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SaraMarie said...

AMEN BRANDY! We (believers) are here for the very purpose you described, but it looks different for each of us. I get irritated by people IN THE CHURCH that look down on others (in the church) because they are not doing it "the right way" or rather "their way". I have been reflecting on John 17 a lot recently--when Jesus prays for believers. In verse 23, where He talks about unity being the key to showing others about Him. Well, that's not going to work when we're all in conflict about legalistic things.

And man, do you ever have a life! And I am SO grateful that God crossed our paths so that I could be a part of it. :)