Friday, May 7, 2010

South Africa on my mind

Lately, South Africa has been popping up in my life here and there. I just can't wait for this trip. When talking about it to a few people, I have said after discussing the trip, "Who knows? I may not come back to the United States." People generally give me a fake laugh and then I tell them I'm serious. I still don't think they believe me. I want to be in the mission field so bad I can taste it. And even now, there are still doors being opened for this trip or doing missionary work there long term.

I sometimes feel it's happening so fast and I can't wrap my hands around it. We haven't even begun meeting yet for this trip, I don't even know who is on my team! Every day, I'm reassured that this is the path God has chosen and I'm staying on it strong. Without ever even being there, I can see myself living in South Africa. Mostly because it's what my heart wants, wants to be in the mission field, somewhere. And it could very well be in South Africa. I wouldn't be surprised. Too much stuff has come in my path regarding this country for something major not to happen.

I begin to worry about my education and then I have to realize that it will all get worked out eventually. My Spanish professor actually sent me a link today to teach oversees. Hmmm..teaching is not what I want in life, I want to be a nurse. Or do I just want to work with kids? I am not saying I'm going to up and change my major at school, it's an option that could be explored to do while I am working on the nursing degree. See, I have many paths before me. I'm not sure which one I should take.

My professor also sent me an email that basically says without a bachelor's degree, nurses are pretty much un-educated with just an associates degree. Are you kidding me? You mean in order to actually do well in the nursing field, I need a bachelor's degree? Do you know how long I've been doing school part time just to obtain my associates which I don't even have yet? I'm honestly not sure I want to further my education after the associate degree. I'm getting very discouraged and not sure how much more school I can take. I'm already in my 30's with no college degree. The email also said that the universities here are upping the requirements to get into the school when transferring from a community college. *Sigh* So, it's all becoming difficult for me and overwhelming. And then I start to wonder what the requirements are for nursing school in South Africa. I just happen to know of someone who could give me the low down on the school system there.

But I try to keep encouraged, being sure to explore any door that is opened for me. I don't know what October will bring. But it could very well be the one thing that changes my life completely.

And I'm so ready for it to happen. There's nothing here that's holding me back.

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