Thursday, March 4, 2010

Too Many Memories

This ladies and gentlemen is my good ol' Yankees hat. I love this hat, as you can tell it's by far the one that gets worn the most. As you can see on the top of the bill, it's discolored. That my friends would be sweat stains. I know that's gross. But me and this hat have been through a lot together and it's the one I would wear in the dead of summer when I walked. Hence the sweat stains. I thought about washing it, but I couldn't do it. Those stains represented pounds I lost.
I originally pretended to like the Yankees for a stupid boy. I thought if I pretended to care about them, he would take notice. Of course that never happened. But when I wasn't around him, I would still watch the games and get the scores so I would be fully educated if I were asked about the game.
But somewhere along the way, something happened...I became a fan. I started enjoying baseball like I enjoy my college football. I started loving the Yankees and now I can say I'm a fan, a real fan, not a band wagon one.
This hat represents pride and love for the Yankees that has grown in me over the past few years. I cherish this hat and root for the Yankees all the time. Gosh, to be a new fan and watch the world series was amazing. I love the Yankees now and that will never change!
This hat also represents pain and many years of memories I would rather forget. This hat was given to me by the boy that I tried so desperately to impress. Although, he briefly came back into my life recently for 3 days, we aren't friends any more and will never be friends again. It took him coming around again for me to see that the friendship is gone and the long chapter with him has finally come to a close. Now I just look at the hat and I feel disgusted because it's from him. It makes me angry.
I've grown to hate this hat. Now, understand me, I said the hat, not the Yankees. I still love the Yankees, but I don't want this hat any more. I thought about burning it, no seriously I did. But I'm afraid I would start the house on fire. So, in order not to look at it anymore and feel the emotions that run through me, I am throwing the hat away. It's going in the garbage as soon as I finish this post. It's a part of the closure process for me.
That's means I need a new Yankees hat to rock! I do intend on getting one soon. However, it's not a necessity since I am moving into my own apartment soon. I need things for the apartment before I drop $ on a hat. I will get one eventually, definitely before June. :) June is when the Yankees are coming to play the DBacks. My friend, Hilary, and I are going to go. She's a DBacks fan, so it will be fun. It will be my very first Yankees game, ever.
So long bad memories associated with the Yankees hat.

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Kimberly said...

I'm sure Brian will be willing to get you a hat to replace this one and, I'm sure on accident, the colors might be a little different! :)

Godd for you my friend!