Thursday, October 1, 2009

I miss...

It's this time of year, when my heart really starts hurting for the fall season. I always said that Spring was my favorite season, but more and more every year, it's becoming fall. Fall is not something we experience too much in Arizona. Sure, northern Arizona does have all the seasons. Fall in Arizona is NOTHING like fall back in the Midwest or East Coast.

This past weekend, Kristine, her mom, and I went up to Payson to do a surprise visit with our friend, Christi. I sat in the backseat and just watched the scenery. The trees were still green, but when we got to Payson, there was one lonely tree that had changed colors and it's leaves were yellow. That really made my heart hurt worse. I put my head up against the window and tried to remember fall back in Indiana. I used to hate it when it turned fall because I knew the snow was soon to come.

But now, 12 years of being away from Indiana, I miss fall so badly every year. And as the years go by, I yearn for it more and more.
I miss the changing of the leaves.
I miss the crisp, cool air.
I miss bundling up for the fall season.
I miss the sound of leaves and branches cracking under my feet.
I miss raking leaves into a big pile and falling into them.
I miss the smell of burning leaves.
I miss the blustery fall days that are rainy that just makes you want to curl up with a blanket, a book, and some hot cocoa.
I miss watching Notre Dame football games on TV. Yes, I do that now, but it's just different when you're in the same state of the team you're rooting for.

I miss this...

I miss this...

And I really miss this...(that's an actual house from Michigan City)

Quote of the day: " Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree." ~Emily Bronte

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