Thursday, April 23, 2009

No worse pain

I've decided that for me, there is no pain worse than a toothache or an ear ache. Over the years, I've had lots of bumps, bruises, gallstones, heel spurs, etc. I broke my arm when I was little, so I don't remember what that feels like. And I haven't had children, so I can say I know the pain of giving birth. But with everything I have experienced so far, I've determined that I hate tooth pain and ear pain.

Last September, I was struggling with getting over a nasty cold. I just constantly blew my nose because it wouldn't stop running. I went through so much tissue. About a week after my constant nose blowing, when I would blow my nose, my ear would pop. It would stay that way for about 20 minutes or so then go back to normal. Each time I blew my nose, my ear would pop for a longer amount of time. Until one day, it popped and stayed that way. Have you ever changed altitude and had your ears pop really bad to the point where it was very painful? That's what my ear constantly felt like. Three days of that pain and I was grabbing my ears and crying. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but I couldn't handle the earache. I went to to the doctor and they proceeded to tell me that I separated the tympanic membrane from the tube in my ear. The cause? Blowing my nose too hard. Yes, that can actually happen. Horrible, horrible pain.

The same goes for toothaches. I had my wisdom tooth pulled on Monday and five days later, I'm still experiencing some pain. I did call my dentist today and I was assured that it's probably not a dry socket and that I'm just experiencing pain from the surgery. I have a follow up on Monday. But I hate tooth pain. I haven't hardly eaten anything this week. And anything I ate has been soft food. But my appetite is not really there due to the pain in my mouth. I am just a mess. My sleeping is messed up, eating is messed up. I am ready for this pain to be gone, it's really annoying. And since I'm not eating, I'd better drop some pounds from this! By the way, my wisdom tooth was on top and it's kinda making my ear hurt just a smidgen. So, I'm getting a double dose. Gah!

How about you? What you do you think is your worse pain you have experienced?


Mel said...

Oh I hope your pain gets better soon. Ear stuff really sucks.

I'm a big wuss when it comes to pain, but this last pregnancy was very painful. For the last 4 months I basically crawled around the house because the baby was on my sciatic nerve constantly. I had planned c-section, but she decided I needed to feel what active labor felt like too.
At least I got a beautiful baby at the end. Maybe your dentist can give you a shiny sticker or something :)

The Vehons said...

I remeber the joys of getting wisdom teeth out! I think I remember my mouth feeling almost back to normal in two weeks but, I do remember the first week was the worst. I hope you feel better soon!