Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I've really been thinking about relationships in my life lately. How they have changed, some for the good, some for the bad. How people that I never intended to share my life with, I'm opening up to them in little ways. Or people that I did intend to share my life with, have drifted out making room for the new people. How I let myself only get close to a few people due to trust issues, but feel God's prompting to open up more. Let people see me for who I really am.

I read somewhere that our lives are not meant to go on without people in them. We need relationships. Whether it's with your mom or dad, your best girlfriend who just "gets" you, a sibling, or in my case a three year old that I see every week. In order to love life, fully love life, God puts people in your path to accompany you along the way.

The recent relationship changes to me have been:
  • A parent whose kids I've taken care of for many years at the church, reaches out to me when I publicly admit I am struggling with depression. I never saw her in my life until now, just thought I would be her kids Sunday school teacher, but although I haven't admitted this to her, I now feel connected to her in a some sort of way. Because we are on a journey of sorts together.
  • A classmate that I never really got to know last semester and only saw in class. I'm now getting to know him more and enjoying the person he is. Becoming more thankful for his friendship and the fact that our paths crossed in A&P class last semester.
  • A couple who I have always been friends with, but really embracing their friendship, their unconditional love for me now. No matter how many shortcomings I have or crazy paths I choose, they both have always supported me, loved me regardless.
  • A girlfriend who has always been one of my best friends, but now...we grew closer to each other just recently. We share our hopes, dreams, failures, tears, and so much more. I just love her being in my life, sharing it with her.
  • A three year old who has family problems. I allow myself to be goofy with her, no matter what. If it produces a smile from her sweet, sweet face, then it's worth it. I got her to open up to me, to trust me and now she's enjoying coming to class.
  • A homeless lady who manages to make me laugh hysterically when I see her. She's full of jokes. I have blogged about Chrissy before, she makes my day when I see her. Her hugs are genuine, and although her body is frail, I feel her love when she hugs me.

God is funny the way he puts people in your life sometimes. I just recently re-read "The Five People You Meet in Heaven", that book is such a reminder about how paths are crossed. The people that are in my life right now, are not ones that I had planned. But they just fit so well into the scheme of things.

Quote of the day: "Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardenders who make our souls blossom." ~Marcel Proust

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