Sunday, December 14, 2008

Melting my heart

Every week, I work with Preschool children at the church. I love kids, I really do. But, I'll be honest in saying there are some days when I leave that classroom shaking my head and swearing that I'll never have kids. Let's just face it, some kids are just bad. Although I wasn't having one of those moments tonight in the three year olds class, I did have some kids who needed a little bit more attention than the rest. I had Elias, who spoke no English, and forced me to use my Spanish. He cried for 15 minutes straight, I tried to calm him down. But it didn't work, he was crying so hard, he was close to vomiting. Or I had Wylie, who seriously would not sit still no matter what I did.

As the class was winding down, Levianna came up to me. She's seriously adorable and such a great kid. She appeared that she wanted to tell me something, so I crouched down to her level to hear what she had to say. Instead of saying something to me, she got this huge grin on her face (dimples and all) and put her little chubby arms out and gave me the biggest hug a three year old could give. Oh, now see? God must of known I needed that from that precious little child. I fought the lump in my throat. Yes, I know I'm an emotional spaz, but it's not very often the preschoolers give out hugs unless prompted. I guess God just told her that Miss Brandy needed some love. And on a chilly Phoenix day, I felt my heart warm.

School gets out on Monday. Can I get an amen? Oh man, this semester has been tough. After lots of praying, I've decided to take a break from school until I get settled in a new state. I have seriously been in school forever and I really just need the break. Some people are worried that I take a break and I may not go back. Meh, I am an adult who knows my goals and responsibilities. I will go back, because I'm not a quitter. I just have a lot going on, things I can't even begin to talk about on here. But it's part of the reason why I'm taking a break.

I suppose that is all I have for now. Here is a random pic to top off the blog. I took this pic a few weeks ago. I just love the color of the sky.


Quote of the day: "Millions and millions of years would still not give me half enough time to describe that tiny instant of all eternity when you put your arms around me and I put my arms around you." ~Jacques Prevert

Scripture of the day: "Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers over all wrongs." ~Proverbs 10:12


jen said...

those darn preschoolers can be so sweet sometimes! i'm so glad she made your day better.

Sheri said...'s been a while since I've gotten an unprompted little one's hug. Oh the snuggly days of preschoolers! That is just precious.

School breaks - yes they can good. Good for regrouping, gaining a little perspective, and energizing a bit. Then plow back into it and before you know it, you'll be done! I know what the "been going to school forever" feels like. I graduated just weeks before receiving my 10-year high school reunion notification in the mail!

Yeah for the semester being over! We need to get together and practice espanol :)

AZmommy23 said...

Very sweet! I'm glad you'll get a break and get to enjoy Christmas w/out that stress!

Mel said...

Now see, my mommy's heart can't handle you calling any child "bad". I'm pretty sure my kid will be one of the more active ones come preschool age. It's a good thing she's cute. God made sure to balance those things out I guess :)
Breaks are a good thing. I hope you get some much needed rest and relief from your stress.