Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stealing Blogs

So, in case you didn't know, I actually blog over on Xanga. I have been on there for over 3 years now. But chose to start one over here because so many people I know have blogger. So, my post are copied from Xanga and brought over here. Let me tell you about a recent happening that I discovered yesterday on Xanga:

So, today I logged into Xanga, and proceeded to read through subscriptions and found something that literally made me say, "Oh wow!" A few months ago, someone subscribed to me, I looked through some of this person's blogs and decided to subscribe as well.

What did I find today? This person posted a blog that was VERY similar to the "Learning to Fly" one a few days ago. Her words were so similar that she even had some of my sentences in her post word for word. I came back to look at mine from a few days ago and compared it to hers, which was posted today. Yep, they are almost exactly the same.

Okay, that is so not cool. I left a comment suggesting she take it down or I was contacting Xanga and if she was going to subscribe to me, my thoughts are not to be used as hers. People said, "Oh be flattered that someone thought that highly of your words.", I am not flattered in the least.

As much as I blog on Xanga/Blogger, I struggle with what I write on here. I will take forever to write a blog trying to convey my thoughts, however jumbled they are, but making sure that I'm not writing too much, not letting everyone who reads this to really see inside of my head. I'm a very private person and I have a private blog for that reason. Even being the most vulnerable on that blog is something I struggle with because only the closest people have that link. And they really know what goes on in this head of mine.

And this blog, I really have to think about what I write, because so many people I know read this blog. The words written on here are my thoughts, my struggles. This is my blog, it's registered to me. But what you did, makes me want to shut this whole thing down. I'm nobody special on Xanga/Blogger, I've never been featured/put on Blogs of Note, I'm not a Xangalebrity, and I'm definitely not a professional writer. I blog to sort out my thoughts, so that I don't feel so crazy sometimes. So, I'm highly offended that someone, a complete stranger, would have the gall to do something like that.

So I am sure next time you log into Xanga, Miss Stealing My Blogs, you will see this. I see you took the blog down, that is probably the wisest thing you could have done. No apology as to why you tried to portray my thoughts as your own. Those were my thoughts, my words, and yet you took them. Did you think I wasn't going to see it? Just because I hardly ever visit your blog, does not mean I'm not reading them on my subs page.

Oh by the way...this is also know as PLAGARISM!

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