Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pure Randomness

Hello, it's past 1 a.m., do you know where your Brandy is? I'm sitting here WIDE AWAKE watching the very first episode of Lost. was my suggestion to have coffee after church, and now I'm pumped full of caffeine. But it's okay...I don't have to work tomorrow, so I don't care. So, I decided to update...with bullet points (my fave).

  • I had two tests this week in Anatomy & Physiology. One wasn't too big of a test, and one was. I got a 96% on the first one and a 78% on the second. The second test had 100 questions on it and it covered four chapters. Whew! I consider a 78% pretty decent seeing at the class crammed BIO181 into two weeks of my Anatomy class, which is an introduction to Chemistry. I hate Chemistry! Gah! Anyways, Biology classes I have to take are very popular and I had to do a lottery system to register for Spring. Well luckily, I got pulled for the lottery and was able to register for Spring classes super early. Yay go me. I have a total of four classes left to take before I start doing the nursing program. I need to find out when I can actually apply for the give me an idea of my future and what are the next steps to take here or somewhere else.

  • Vernae and I went to a free ballet Friday night at the park. It was the first time I had seen a ballet of any kind. The school just performed three different pieces. I enjoyed it, but I think I would of enjoyed it more if there weren't so many distractions around. Since it was free, there was all kinds of people there and people kept getting up in the middle of it. I had brought my camera to take pics, but they said we couldn't take any pics due to copywrite laws. Blah, blah, blah (Seems to be my favorite phrase lately)

  • Saturday was a busy, long, but fantastic day. I worked with our homeless ministry. Gosh, I really do love that, I always have so much fun interacting with our guests. Sometimes I sort things, and don't really see people very much, but even saying hello to these people brighten my day. They are so appreciative of the services we are giving them. I came home for about 3 hours and did some laundry, then turned around and went straight back to church to help with the three year olds. They are always interesting. :) I got a big hug from Kiley and her brother Kobe tonight. That pretty much made my evening. Church after that, a little different than normal...which was awesome! And after church, coffee with J. I dropped him off a little after 11 and here I am...

  • And today...will be just as exciting I promise. I have to clean and then I have to study. Yes, folks, it doesn't get any better than that. That is my adventourous life. Rommie is gone, but will be home tomorrow. I might be spending most of the day at the library. It's just easier to study with no distractions.

  • Today is 9/21/08, the last game at the old Yankees Stadium. *Sigh* I wish I had seen it before it was too late. I resolved to see the new stadium eventually. Since the sports fan in me has been reignited, I've really been wanting to go to a professional sports game. I am going to try that next year, hopefully it will work.

  • See this little girl right here? *Sigh* I'm really missing her right now.

  • So, I've pretty much made up my mind on a few things going on in my life. Wish I could tell you what they were, but I don't feel like talking about any of it now....or I suppose I could talk about it, but since so many people read this, I don't want to talk about this personal stuff on here. Meh, it's just time to move on with various things in my life and I'm perfectly okay with every decision made.

  • As always...God is crazy amazing. He never, ever ceases to rock my socks off and humble me beyond belief on a constant basis. "And it's all because of Jesus I'm alive", I have been singing that song a lot lately.

  • As I am finishing this...Lost is over and an informercial is coming on. You know it's time to go to bed when Mr. T is doing infomericials. He just busted through a door. Dude Mr. T looks old! And he just said "I pity the fool..." Lol! What a fantastic way to end the evening!

Quote of the day: "Decisions become easier when your will to please God outweighs your will to please the world." ~Anso Coetzer

Scripture of the day: "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." ~Romans 8:28

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