Friday, July 4, 2008

I live in hell

No seriously...I do. I live in hell..aka Arizona. It's just hot here, I mean seriously hot here. Granted we don't have humidity, but when it gets past 100 degrees outside, it's just disgusting. Lately for the past few weeks, it's has been over 110 degrees every single day. Yes, it gets that hot here. Last summer, I seem to recall on the 4th of July that is was 119. I'm not sure what the high is going to be today, but I'm guessing 112.

Here are some things to show how hot it is.

  • I walk 4-5 times a week. I do walk when it's hot outside because I sweat more, thus burning more calories. I have two water bottles that I put in the freezer to take with me. After 10 minutes of being outside, with them in my hand, they have mostly thawed out. By the time I finish my 30 minute walk, the back of my shirt is soaked and my Yankees cap is wet from sweating.
  • It is so hot outside, that the dog I'm pet-sitting for will literally abstain from eating or drinking anything until the sun goes down. It's too hot to go outside and pee, so she chooses to wait. She would rather starve herself and not drink any water then to have to go outside to use the restroom.
  • Although I haven't tried this, I'm willing to bet money you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. Shoes are an absolute must here in the summers. You can honestly get 3rd degree burn on your feet without shoes. Not only are shoes an absolute must here, but water is something else you absolutely need to drink...LOTS of it.
  • I'm seriously considering moving out of state in the next year or so. I love the winters here, but I'm that sick of the heat I'm willing to relocate.
  • We have plenty of stupid people here in Arizona. Plenty. Every summer there are always stories of people leaving their child or animal in the car for 10 - 20 minutes. Most of the time, sadly the child or the animal dies. Think about it, if it's 112 outside, what do you think the temp is in your car? It never ceases to fail that a news station will do a test to see how hot it can get in your car. In a matter of only minutes, the temp in your car can reach over 130 degrees.
  • The sun is so hot, that in a matter of 10 minutes, one can get burnt. And because it's so hot and so dry here, Arizona has been known for brush fires that turn into huge wildfires. The ground is so dry, the sun literally bakes it and starts a fire.
  • I got in the pool here yesterday and even that wasn't refreshing. The water was probably about 90 degrees.
  • In the summers, I mostly take cool showers. But after I get done walking, I can actually stand a cold shower with no problems because my body temp is so high from the heat.
  • Nobody wants to do anything but stay inside, it's honestly too hot to do stuff. Even at night, the temps are over 100 degrees.
  • Irregardless of how much gas costs, it's totally worth taking a trip somewhere cooler.

Here are some pics to show how hot AZ is.


So, it's a little blurry. This picture was taken at the beginning of May and yes, it does day 5:37 (in the evening) and it's 112 degrees.

Metro Phoenix forecast

  • Fri 112 / 88
  • Sat 111 / 87
  • Sun 111 / 87
  • Mon 111 / 87
  • Tue 112 / 87
  • Wed 112 / 88

I live in a beautiful state, I really do. It's just so disgustingly hot here.

Hey! Tomorrow is 4th of July! We celebrate freedom tomorrow. Take time to examine what type of freedom we really do have. There are so many countries where they do not have the priveledges we have and we are so, so lucky. Also don't forget about the men and women who make that freedom possible by fighting for our country. If you have served, are currently serving or lost a loved one in the line of duty. I thank you and I salute you for the sacrifices you or yoru loved one have given so our country can be free, remain free. God Bless America!


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