Sunday, July 13, 2008

A holiday devoted to me

And a few other people. I have a rare medical condition called Heterochromia. Now, don't worry, it's nothing bad, it simply means that I have two different colored eyes. A person could have two colors in one eye or one eye is one color and the other eye is another color. Today in the world of Heterochromia, it's Happy Different Colored Eye day. I know three other people who have this condition. But you may have seen animals with maybe a green eye and a blue eye or something like that.

So here are some facts on Heterochromia.

  • Sometimes one can get this condition because of some gene disorder. One can also get this condition because of some sort of trauma to the eye. In my case, and some other cases, it was just in our DNA splitting. My example, my dad has brown eyes and the mother has green eyes. My left eye is green and my right eye is half brown, half green.
  • Some famous people who have Heterochromia: Dan Aykroyd, Kate Bosworth, David Bowie, Jane Seymour, Virginia Madsen, Mila Kunis, Carly Simon
  • I really can't locate any stats as to how many people have this condition, it's that rare of a disease. Maybe I should start that movement? It's annoying, every year I look and I can't locate anything valuable. One or two sites say one in a million, but that just doesn't sound right.

Growing up with two different colored eyes has been fun. Here are some of the comments and instances I have received growing up.

  • Wow, are you from outer space?
  • What happened to your eye?
  • That is the coolest thing ever!
  • Why is your eye half brown, half green?
  • That is creeping me out.
  • So, what is it like to have two different colored eyes?
  • One of my favorites of all time....Do you know you have two different colored eyes?
  • It's always funny when people notice them, you see the change in their face instantly. Their eye brows get that confused look which goes down to their eyes. Some people freak out so bad over it, they can't focus on anything else. Most recently when I was in Cali, me and Becky were walking down the street and I stopped a lady on a bike asking for directions. She had sunglasses on, but the sun was hitting my eyes just right and the very first thing she said, "You have two different colored eyes!" Yes, I do.
  • I used to hate them, and hid them behind my glasses. But I wear clear contacts now and have grown to appreciate my uniqueness. They really are my best feature.

I don't normally post all pictures of me on my blog, but here are a few, to show you my eyes. Oh yeah, my girl, Erin has the same colored eyes I do, but they are switched, she also has a Xanga. Head on over to her site, she hasn't posted about her eyes, but might. Either way, wish her Happy Different Colored Eye Day as well,

Have a fantastic weekend!

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