Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bullet points

Ah, today....an update is needed in my ever so favorite form: bullet points.

  • Today, I would like to take a moment to thank President Bush. I would like to thank him for putting an extra $600 in my bank account today. And I want to thank you even more for deciding that we don't have to claim this money next year on our taxes. Woot, woot! Although the money will not be used to stimulate the economy like it was intended for, it will however be used to pay for my tuition and with some of that money I paid of a debt on my credit report. One less debt, hooray! Oh man, that actually feels so good. One of my goals this year was to clear up my credit report, so far so good!
  • I am currently tutoring three kids (siblings ages 9, 12, 14) in Spanish. I'm having such fun with them! I've know them forever, since the 9 year old was four. So far, I've taught them colors, the alphabet, days of the week, numbers, months, and seasons. Today we worked on family names and greetings and farewells. I also taught them the "I" form of "to have" and I taught them to say how many siblings they have and what color eyes they have. They are doing really good. I went to Teaching Tools and got some books with activities as well as some flash cards. Sweet, I love flash cards!
  • Vacation Bible School is coming up in about a month at church. I'm excited to work with the kids, unlike last year where I was supervising. Working with the kids means I get to dance. And we all know how I thoroughly enjoy dancing with the little ones. Oh yippy skippy! I can't wait!
  • I started to lose motivation last week with the whole weight loss thing. In case you haven't noticed, it's CRAZY hot here in Arizona and sometimes I just don't want to get outside. But I've reached 10 lbs lost and that definitely kicked my motivation into gear. I notice that I am walking faster and further in my 30 minutes that I give myself a day. My roomie says she can see it. Hooray! Go me!
  • It's going to be a busy summer, I'm pretty much pet-sitting the entire summer. Be on the look out for blogs about my adventures. But Jason and I want to take a day trip. So, guess what that means, on one of the days trips, I'm taking one of the animals I'm pet-sitting for with us. I already talked to the owner, I've been pet-sitting for them since the dog was a puppy and she's 3 now. So, she gave me the okay. She's a good dog, good in cars. And she's a little dog.
  • As I am typing this, the Lakers/Celtics game is on. Boston is leading the series 2-0. I hope the Lakers start winning, they had quite a lead and now they are two points ahead of Boston. PHOOEY! I just glanced at the TV and now Boston is ahead of LA. BLASTED!
  • I totally got tickets to see NKOTB in October. Yeah, you read that right. Bring on Jordan Knight!
  • Speaking of tickets...if anyone has two tickets to an Anaheim Angels or a Los Angeles Dodgers game when they are playing the Yankees in California that you just want to give me (because you think I'm awesome or something like that), I will take them off of your hands. I so want to go to a game, but I can't spend that much $ on tickets...they are expensive. Of course, I must have two. Can't attend a Yankees game alone, you know, gotta bring along another fan. My niece pointed out that I could get nosebleed seats for $9. But if I am going to my first Yankees game, I want to be down in the action, where I can actually see the players. I just need to look a little harder, I suppose. But again free tickets are always welcome!
  • I still haven't figured out the reason for my funk on Sunday. But, my best guess is that I might of some what lost my focus about people in the world and that meeting was an eye opener. I didn't really lose my focus, but let things of this world blur my vision. If that makes any sense.

Okay, gotta go for now. Have a fantastic day and GO LAKERS!

Quote of the day: "We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have." ~Frederick Keonig

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