Friday, April 18, 2008

And the award goes to...

Hello everyone. Tonight we will give away the "World's Best Pet-Sitter" award. Here are your nominees: Brandy, Brandy, Brandy, and Brandy. And the winner is: (very long, very dramatic pause, drum roll).......BRANDY! (Loud cheers, hoots, hollers, screams of "We love you, Brandy" coming from my posse.)

blue Ribbon

award_animal.png party animal image by tom_diamond

Yeah, so I nominated myself and true and I'm the only nominee. Let me vouch my reasons for getting this award in my ever so favorite choice of bullet points ***Loves bullet points***

  • In one week, I've been scratched, stepped on, bumped with a large cone, almost bitten quite a few times, bled on, and even vomited on (Yes, you read that right). I look like I've come out of battle and I have the scars to prove it.
  • I am a huge germophobe and this week, I've cleaned up many piles of vomit, some with blood in it. I have also stuck my fingers down the throat of a dog to recover quickly eaten nasty cotton balls. I have poked and prodded at a dog's foot that is SEVERELY infected all with my bare hands to get dirt out. And to top it off, I have put my fingers in a dog's ear that is also SEVERELY infected fishing out junk out of his ear.
  • Who needs a nursing degree? I've nursed so many wounds this week, MCC should just give me my associates degree.
  • Driving the long drive to school tonight, it hit me how exhausted I am. I figured I'm averaging about 2 hours of sleep a night, 3 if I'm lucky due to said dog playing with his sore paw, needing to go out, his cone hitting everything possible, and of course cleaning up vomit. Driving today to school (at 4 p.m.), I was having serious issues staying awake. I got to school at 5, shut off my car, locked myself in and actually crashed out for 30 minutes until my roomie called me. I NEVER do that, I'm not a napper and definitely not one to crash in my car. That is how exhausted I am and I guess I can say I'm a true college student. I hear stories of how students take a little nappy in their cars before class. I was even thinking of bailing out of Math class and going to my house and crashing for a few hours. But I went class.
  • I managed to take the dog to the vet today all by myself, taking time off of work and everything to take him. On top of his sore foot, he now has a horrible ear infection. Last night he scratched his ear so bad, it was bleeding profusely. And was thankful when they were willing to work with payment. I wasn't paying for it, but I had the owner's mothers credit card number. The lovely people at Banfield (Love them), were gracious enough to run her number through, even though they don't know who I am. But of course they know the dog.
  • Between going back and forth from here to school, I've put over $100 worth of gas in my Camry in a week's time. I will need to fill up again soon.
  • I have also spent about $40 in items for the dogs (dog biscuits, bandages, socks to protect his foot, peroxide, yogurt for an upset stomach).
  • My repayment for everything? Toby licked my forehead tonight as I was cleaning his paw. Really? Do you like me now, Toby?

Okay, that is all for now. Two more days and I'm back to my bed with Stella and Daisey (the cats). I always think they are high maintenance, but after this week, they are nothing! I so miss them. And because my week has been so adventurous, I've had to laugh and decided I needed some pet humor to share. Here you go!

GarfieldthePetSitter-1.jpg picture by goofygirlie06

This will be me (below) in about 20 years. Yep, flower in hat and all. :)

catsitter.jpg pet sitter image by spogg

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