Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Adventures in Pet-Sitting pt. 2

***See update at bottom***

Ah, so here I am again, pet-sitting. This job that I'm doing is providing quite interesting. Oh, so update on the score at this house, every time I housesit, I keep score of who get the best of who, the animals usually win. This house has two dogs: Toby and Roxy. They are both sweet, but Roxy is the calm one. Toby, not so much. And they both have some serious gas issues. Yowsers! Want to talk about gagging someone?

Score: Me 1

Animals 1

Yes, as of right now, we are tied. Thursday morning the owner called me as she was leaving to say that Toby has managed to reinfect a sore from last year. So her mom took him to the vet. Thursday night, I come home to the two dogs. one of who has a cone on his head, Toby of course. Poor little guy (Okay, memo, he's not little, he's 8 and very BIG dog. But his depth perception is so, so, so off because he has no periphiphal vision due to wearing the cone. So, needless to say, he's running into everything, including me. I'm just positive my legs are crazy bruised from him ramming into me so hard. He's a hyper dog, so just imagine a hyper dog with a cone on his head. I just giggle at him most of the time.

The sore is on his toe, last year, he managed to pull out on of his toe nails and that is what he reinfected. Both of the dogs take a lot of medication, but they just eat it with their food. Whew...that's good. I hate giving animals medicine. I will do it, but would prefer not to shove the pill down their throat. Every night, Toby has to have his foot soaked and rebandaged every night. Here's where the fun starts...I cop a squat on the floor and get him to come over to me. I grab his collar with one hand so he doesn't run away, and with the other hand proceed to undo his bandage, take off his sock thingy, soak his foot for a few minutes, completely dry his paw, proceed to put the sock back on and put the bandage back on. Do you know how difficult that was with only one hand? The entire time, he was growling at me. Now, his mother said he does that all the time and won't bite, but I am a complete stranger messing with his hurt paw. I kept trying to reassure him and tell him what a good boy he was, all the while praying he wouldn't decide to bite me. I became thankful for the cone, realizing he probably couldn't bite me if he tried. Two nights in a row, I managed to clean his paw. Yes! Score one for Brandy!

As of last night, I was in the lead. Hooray! But...then Toby managed to get a score in early this morning, like at 1:30. They both normally sleep in the bed with their momma, I figured no big deal. I can handle two very big dogs sleeping in the bed with me. At least I felt safe, right? At 2 a.m. I got a text message and funny enough I was awake. At 1:30, Toby decided to make himself comfortable and I woke up to him, his head in a cone, right next to me, on my pillow, breathing on my neck. Okay, now I like animals, but not breathing on my neck when I'm trying to sleep. He was laying on my arm also, I only had about a foot of bed to lay on. I told him to move, nothing. I proceeded to try to move him over to the other side of the bed, nothing, but a growl of course. Yes, he growled at me because he didn't want to move. I rolled over and clung to the side of the bed, hoping I wouldn't fall off. What does he do? He snuggles right up next to me again proceeds to snore in my ear. Seriously? Oh to see that.

Oh those crazy animals....I'm here till the 19th, I'm sure I'll have more stories to share.




***Update as of 4/14/08. I am soooooooooooo losing to the animals. Granted I've been able to wash Toby's foot every night. But every day he has since managed to chew the sock on his hurt paw to pieces. Yesterday, he managed to get the cone off his head. I had a lovely time putting it back on him. And today I've learned a valuable lesson, which I should know by now....Bran, you gotta be smarter than the dog. I thought I was, by putting all my things in the owners closest and shutting the doors, they have sliding door. Oh boy, was I ever wrong. I come home to find another chewed sock, an empty gum container. Yep, Toby ate some gum and various chewed things that were in my bag all over the floor like my comb, my body spray, my flip flops, etc. Oh Toby, I shall conquer your little magician butt yet!

Score: Me 4 for actually washing Toby's paw every night and not getting bit.

Animals (mainly Toby) 5 billion!

Have a great day!


Quote of the day: "The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him, and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too." ~Samuel Butler

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