Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Here a Paige, There a Paige

Everywhere a Paige, Paige. So...I'm quite biased, but figured it was time to post some current pictures of my SUPER ADORABLE great niece, Paige. My niece says she's popped two teeth. I can't wait to see her again, she will be 6 months old April 1.


My goofy nephew, Charlie, taking "Myspace" pics with Paige.


Dominique and Paige


1st Swimsuit


As of right now, this one is my favorite. I love her grin in this pic!


1st Easter dress


This my niece, tell me Paige does not look like her momma!

Her momma fills my heart with so much love. I thought my heart couldn't hold anymore love for her...until she became a mom. She is an amazing mom and Paige is a great baby because she is surrounded by so much love. And now...Paigey has got EVERY single one of us wrapped around her finger, especially her daddy. Can't you tell...she's a daddy's girl to the max!


Have a great day!


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