Monday, March 17, 2008

Are you wearing green?

Because if you're not, you will be getting pinched.  Although I am wearing green, I have mostly green eyes  so I technically wear green every day. No pinching for me! Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. How are you doing? I am doing pretty fantastic here!


Yesterday Kaysie and went to the Titantic exhibit at the Science Center. It was really cool. At the beginning, they give you the name of a passenger or crew member along with a brief history of the person. You walk through the entire exhibit of artifacts recovered from the ship. I knew they had recovered some things, but I didn't realize there was so much. I think my favorite thing I saw was the jewelry or the dishes. With the dishes, it was amazing to see how some of them looked brand new and how some of them were old and you could definitely tell they had been sitting under water for long time. At the end of the exhibit, there is a list of names on the wall sorted by 1st class, 2nd class, 3rd class, then crew. The names in those categories were then sorted by saved and lost. This is where you look to see if the name you were given of the person survived or not. I was a mother of three and I'm happy to report that the name I had as well as her children all survived. Kaysie had a guy's name and unfortunately her guy and his cousin did not survive. I highly recommend that you go see it if it comes to your town. The link above should probably have a schedule. If you're Arizona, it's here until March 30th. Go see it!

Next to the Science Center, the city of Phoenix was having an Aloha Festival. They had different booths with food, gifts, treasures as well as three separate stages for musicians/dancers in regards to the Hawaiian culture. It was really cool and there were a lot of people there. Kays and I had some Hawaiian food for lunch (Yummy!) and then we shared the biggest snow cone ever (pictures to follow later). We were both giddy as little girls when we realized there was ice cream in the very bottom of the snow cone. *Teehee* Then I spent the rest of Sunday with Jason and his family, I feel like I haven't seen them in forever and it's only been two weeks. It was a fantastic Sunday.

So, this week...back to school. I don't feel as though I got much of a Spring Break since I was sick the entire time. But oh well, life goes on, doesn't it? I was thinking about taking a summer class, but opted against it. I really need a break from school. I will register for the fall semester tonight when I get home. Not quite sure what I'm taking, I might just take one class (Anatomy and Physiology) because that is a major class needed for my degree and I need to focus on it.

As usual, I have more to report on, but shall save it for another day. I'm not quite sure if I am ready to blog about it here or not. It might be saved for my private blog.

Anyways, have a fantastic day and think "Green."


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