Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Adventures in Pet-Sitting

Score: Animals 1

Brandy 0

Yes, folks…that’s right. I’m losing to the animals. So, I don’t pet-sit nearly as much as I used to, but every once in awhile, I will take a job for a little extra money. Whenever I sit with someone’s animals, it’s always an adventure. Now, granted, it’s a fun adventure. So, last night, I get home from school at 9:30 p.m. It’s been a long day, but I have some stuff I need to tend to regarding the animals. The house I’m at has 2 dogs, and 22 cats. Yes, you read that right, 22 cats. Only three cats and one dog is actually in the house. But the people I am sitting for have a bunch of Ferrell (wild) cats out in the carport in a cage. I really don’t need to do anything with them, just make sure they have water.

Okay, so there is a dog that comes inside at night, the other one is soley an outside door. Oh but the outside dog wants to come in so badly. I distinctly remember the owners saying, “He’s not to be in the house.” And believe me I tried to keep him in the backyard. I was just trying to check his water. He attempted to squeeze in between my leg and the door frame. I was trying to stop him. You can just see the dust flying from his body as he’s trying to squeeze past me. Blasted! He made it in! He starts running around the house like a mad dog (literally) and believe me I’m making a very brave attempt to catch him. I even try to entice him with a treat, yeah that is so not working. So, I go outside, attempt to call him outside. Of course he’s not stupid, silly. He knows what I’m doing. The owners said if he does get in the house, don’t pick him up or grab him by the collar, he might bite you. I managed to corner him (after getting a workout, I even worked up a sweat), I said a very quick prayer as I grabbed his collar: Dear Lord, please don’t let him bite off a finger. Ah, got the collar and got him outside. I shall try again tomorrow to conquer the crazy dog running around the house.

Now…on to the garbage and mail. Now, where I am, it’s pitch black outside. They are in north Mesa, where you can actually still see stars in the sky. I get the flash light, check my pockets 90 million times for the keys (it would totally be my luck that I lock myself out of the house), grab the phone and start heading out to the road to pick up the mail and garbage can. During my walk, I get a text message. It’s so quiet outside, the alert from the text message honestly scared the crap out of me. I jump and then laugh at myself. Okay, Bran get the garbage and get back in the house. Okay, score! Got the mail and the garbage. I walk quickly back to the house, and then I hear something in the woods next to the house. I have no clue what it was, but you missed an opportunity to watch me break into a sprint. Yes, a sprint.

My evening is not done yet…there’s the cats. They are all skiddish, I see glimpses of them. Their litter box is normally in the front bedroom, but I was told that the owners brought a Ferrell cat in the house and put it in the bedroom. They have two liter boxes, so one was put out in the living room. So, I wanted to clean out the litter box, only thing is, I can’t seem to locate the scooper. I’m positive it’s in the bedroom with the wild cat. But, I can’t take the risk of going in there due to: the cat might get out, or the cat might bite or scratch me. And since it’s wild…you don’t want that. But I desperately need to scoop out the box. So, I start looking for something, anything to do the job…I thought of a hole spoon, and just figured I would tell them what I did and just replace it. No biggie. I opened the silverware drawer and I found plastic silverware. I know what you’re thinking….and oh yes, I totally used plastic silverware to scoop out a litter box. I got a spoon and a fork and proceeded to scoop out the stuff like I was using salad tongs. Yes, it took the longest time ever, but the box is clean. Boy the cats must be getting a load of me, laughing like crazy. I can hear it now, "Get a load of this human..."

So, there you have it….now you see why the animals are winning.

I shall conquer them tomorrow.

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