Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's Tuesday

Good morning everyone! How are you doing? I'm pretty fantastic actually. Although, I am trying to fight off a cold. It feels as though it's slowly coming. I don't want a cold, but I sometimes wish it would just hurry up and get here so I can just get it over with. Everyone around me has been sick.

I had an eventful, three day weekend. It was busy and I didn't once do homework. Yes, it's only about a month into the semester and I'm not wanting to do homework already. I spend a lot of time doing homework, no lie, probably at least 12 hours a week, so what if I took the weekend off. I only have a few assignments, which I'll do today. Saturday, I had a meeting that lasted most of the day. And then my roomie and I hit up Target and Michael's. I needed to find some blank cards to write notes on. And was excited to find them at Michael's for only $1.00. Yeah bargain! I pretty much cleaned them up. After that, we hit our favorite place, Outback. We go there every couple of weeks, we are regulars there. Sunday, I did laundry, wrote some cards, finished a letter, and then spent the rest of the afternoon with J. We were rebels on Sunday and skipped out on church because we were going to watch the Knight Rider movie. Did you guys watch it? Okay, now back in the day, I was a huge Knight Rider fan. I watched it all the time, but the 2 hour movie was a huge disappointment. Huge! It was basically a 2 hour commerical for Ford, and that's it. It totally wasn't worth missing church for. We also hit up a movie earlier in the day, we saw "Untraceable". And I thought the plot was good, but it just seemed as though the movie dragged on. Monday, I had no work or school. Thank you Mr. Presidents! I hung out with Martha, her two boys and Laurel. We went to lunch and then hit up another movie, "Alvin and the Chipmunks". It was a pretty cute kids movie. And then dinner with Jason, after dinner we just sat outside and talked for a bit. I love moments like that. Just sitting and talking with a friend, not doing anything else particular. Those moments are the most precious ones to me. Those are the times when a friendship is deepened.

We've been talking about taking another road trip and I realized I'm so itching to get out of Phoenix for a weekend. I think I'm even itching to get out of the country. But I'm scared to do that with my lovely health. So a weekend trip shall have to suffice for now. Although since I stopped serving in Children's, my immune system has gotten better. Which is good, but I miss serving with the kids. I've been thinking about serving at Poiema, just not sure what to do there. It's not like they are close, so it's kinda difficult as to what I should do. I really need to start praying about it. Serving is something I love to do, and I haven't done it since October. I just wonder what God wants me to do with my life, where he wants me to serve him best. Don't you sometimes wish God would just tell you what he wants? Ha! If it only worked like that. But in reality, he does tell you, sometimes clearly and we are just choosing not to listen. I'm finding that sometimes you just have to stop asking him for everything and let him do his work. Because what you're asking of him, might not be what he wants for you. Every day is an adventure with God, at least it is for me. He constantly shows me things, humbles me, strengthens me. And yes, there are times when I'm broke down and crying due to something going on in my life, but I'm choosing to let those things affect me. I'm constantly doubting myself, my faith, and God. But through everything, he still loves me. I'm grateful for that, but sometimes wonder why he chose me. I think we all wonder that at one point or another.

Okay, gotta go! It's time to start work!

Have a great day!

Love you, you, you, oh and especially you!


Quote of the day: "There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved. It is God's finger on man's shoulder." Charles Morgan

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