Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Have I mentioned that...

I hate Gatorade? Oh man, I do. I hate it more than anything. And I only hate it because of the whole Dengue Fever thing. I despise Gatorade because I drank so much when I got sick. But here I am drinking it again. I am only drinking it because I’m trying not to get dehydrated. I managed to pick up a slight case of food poisoning while I was in Cali. Ah, as much as I love my fish tacos, this time, they didn’t settle with me too well. Very shortly after eating, I started feeling yucky. J bought me some mint tea, which helped sooth the stomach a little. I didn’t eat anything yesterday until I got home later in the evening. Yep, still no good. Today I’m still not feeling so hot.

So besides the fact I’m a little sick, I had an awesome time in Cali. It was a short trip, but it’s all good. I got to love on the baby and spend some time with my niece and her husband. And spend some serious time with Jason to further deepen our friendship. I got to see the sunset on Newport Beach, it was an awesome weekend.

And I have pics, however, not many. I just wasn’t in a mood to snap pictures. I got a few of the baby, a few of the beach and that’s it. I would love to share them with you, however, it will have to wait until I get my new laptop. I got my other one fixed, except for now I can’t connect to the internet. Cox says everything is fine on their end, something is wrong on my end. And on Friday, I really didn’t have the patience to deal with it. I came really close to chucking the laptop out of the window. So, instead of messing with the old one, I’m waiting for the new one to come. Then I can post all kinds of pics.

I went over to J’s house on Saturday to do some homework. My religions class is overwhelming when I don’t have a computer at home. Yes, I can over to his house to do my homework, but it’s just a matter of getting there with school and work. And I’m not one to do mediocre work, I’m not. So with that said, I’ve called MCC and dropped the religions class. Today was the last day to do it, and I’ll be able to get a refund. I will plan on taking it next semester. I am really interested in it, and I want to be able to concentrate on the class and I just can’t do it right now. But I’m still in my other classes and they keep me quite busy.

Anyways, gotta go!

Have a great day!

Quote of the day: “A good friend is cheaper than therapy.” ~Author Unknown

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