Friday, December 7, 2007

You'd better check yourself...

I had to check my attitude yesterday. Minus the fact that it’s the holiday season (everyone seems to be nicer then), I should always have my attitude in check. If it’s not in check, I’m not showing a good example of Christ. Sometimes, my attitude gets the best of me. Yesterday, I ran to a shipping store to get some more stamps. As I got up to the door, I saw an elderly woman just shut her door, she had a package in her hand. I decided to wait and hold the door open for her. She proceeded to walk by me, no smile, no thank you, no acknowledgement of any kind, and walked through the door. She didn’t even look at me! After she walked through, I stood there with the door open for a few seconds disgusted. Dang, how rude! I was saying under my breath that it’s even the holidays, and some people are just grouchy. God was quick to make me lose the attitude.

Anyone who personally knows me, knows that I am obsessed with smells and how things feel. Obsessed, I tell you! There are certain smells that I just love and I have to touch everything in my site! Here are some things I love to smell, touch…

  • Every March in Arizona, the Orange Blossoms bloom. It’s the sweetest smell I have ever encountered. I walk outside and just start inhaling the sweet smell.
  • I love the smell of babies. Over Thanksgiving, holding Paige, I would just smell her hands, her hair taking her all in.
  • I love walking into the house to smell dinner cooking.
  • I love the smell of rain.
  • I love the smell of laundry, and will be guaranteed to smell everything before putting it away and when I put it on again. Yes, I’m crazy!
  • I love the smell of fresh cut grass.
  • I love the smell of flowers. You know that saying, “Take time to smell the flowers”? Yes, I actually take the time to smell them.
  • I love when a man has cologne on. Yummy! But I love it when they are wearing cologne, but was maybe sweating because of playing basketball, or whatever. The smell of cologne and sweat is very lovely to me. I know, strange!
  • I love the smell of puppy breath.
  • I used to love the smell of my grandma. It was always a mixture of some old perfume and just love. I can’t describe her smell. I can still smell her to this day.
  • I love the way the bridge of Stella’s nose feels. I love even more she will actually sit there and let me rub her nose.
  • I love fabrics, ask any of my friends, if they have something soft on, they are guaranteed to get my hands rubbing their shirt. Poor Jason usually gets the most of it. Oh that black shirt of his…
  • I love the way the pages of the Bible feel.
  • I love the the way it feels to have a little kid or a baby grab my finger and hold on to it.
  • I love the feeling of a warm hug from a good friend.
  • I love the feeling of Stella head butting me when I’m trying to work or when she kisses my cheek. That’s the best!
  • I love the feeling of my cold hands on a hot cup of coffee or tea in the wintertime.
  • I love hand rolling cookies with my bare hands. I just love the feeling of the dough.
  • I love to walk in the grass or the sand, letting them both envelop my toes.

Have a great day!


Quote of the day: Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. ~Winston Churchill

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