Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Okay God...

I think you've stretched me enough for 2007. What do you mean you're not done stretching me? Can't I have a break? Please, just a little break? No, figures. Of course I'm your child, I will do what you say. This was part of a little conversation I had with God yesterday when he decided to give me something else.

I had been pondering whether to serve with Tres Dias again. It's a lot to serve, a lot of time, money. I just don't have the time with school. I've been wrestling with God about serving again since I came back from the one in October. God finally told me to suck it up (he does that a lot), to trust him (sometimes I forget that small detail) and to serve. Because Tres Dias isn't about me, it's about God blessing others through me. The leader of the women's retreat said she had an area for me to serve, but wanted me to take some time and think about what I wanted to do. I immediately responded back and told her it wasn't where I wanted to serve, but where God wanted me to serve. I really didn't have the strength to argue with God any more yesterday. He always wins when I argue with him. You think I would learn not to fight with him, but I still do. So, she responded back with the area I'm serving. She has me as one of the people who will be teaching a lesson to the women attending Tres Dias. Yes, a speaker. Honestly for a few seconds after that, I couldn't breathe. Public speaking? Now, I've done many lessons on many mission trips, but I felt this one was different. This is an intense spiritual weekend and I had to provide a 20 minute lesson on being a Christian and sharing God's love. But, it's all good though. God will give me the words.

So, I sat down and wrote a 4 page letter. I haven't done that in so long, and yes Leah, it's your letter! Granted it wasn't full size pieces of paper, but 4 pages nonetheless. There is another letter I need to write, but afraid to start it. It would be to someone who has caused a lot of pain. Maybe one day I'll write that letter, maybe one day.

Jason and I were talking about my car accident on Sunday. Nothing has been settled yet, and it happened in August. I decided to call State Farm to see if there was any update on my claim from my car accident. I should just consider the money I paid out, which is $500, gone. Like it never existed. State Farm was nice enough to tell me that they have not heard ANYTHING from Safe Auto, the other insurance company. They said my claim has now been escalated. Escalated to what, I asked? State Farm is now working on taking them to court. Oh joy. That just makes me so happy, not really. It's Christmas time and that money could help. But since I won't be seeing it anytime soon...Phooey to Safe Auto!!

Funny thing happened yesterday. I got the notion to do a dance exercise video on my lunch break. I was working from home yesterday and decided to do the video since no one was home. That way if I made a fool of myself, no one would see. I worked up a good sweat for 30 minutes, then started back to work. As my lunch is only 30 minutes. I figured I would just shower when my shift was over before I went to school. Here's the funny thing...when my shift was over, I went to wash my dishes only to realize there's no water. WHAT? I called the office, they said a water line had broken and they didn't know when the water would be functioning again. I had to leave for school at 4 p.m., the water came back on at 3:52. Figures. Good thing I only had to go to the testing center to take a test. And thank God for deodrant!

Anyways, gotta get off here and start work! Have a great day!


Quote of the day: "Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?" ~Dennis Mannering

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