Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas is coming!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I can't believe Christmas is less than a week away. Are you ready yet? I still need to bake some more cookies, but I finished shopping last night. I only bought for a few people. I was up in Scottsdale last night shopping and saw a Carter's Childrenswear store. Ah, the memories. I worked there when I lived in Vegas for quite some time. I went in and found Paige some clothes. I don't know when she's going to get them, but soon. Maybe for my birthday I'll take a trip out there again. My roomie is leaving for MA tomorrow. This is the first time in 4 years we won't be opening gifts on Christmas Day. Meh, no biggie. We are going to celebrate when she gets home. I'm spending an hour with my family (that's about all I can take) and then spending the rest of the day with Jason and his family. I'm thankful to be going over there. Usually I'll spend Christmas with someone, but there are usually a lot of people wherever I am and I get lost in the crowd of unknown people. But, the Dewey's have made me feel very comfortable every time I've gone over there. So, Christmas will be wonderful this year. Sitting in church on Sunday, the pastor was saying that Christmas is usually a hard time for people (Stands up and raises hand), but he made a point to say Christmas is about God and his glory. Ah, yes. I knew that, I really did. But sometimes I get so lost in my thoughts about my family that I forget it. It's always good to have it told to me again.

So, why is school so expensive? Why? My gosh! Between tuition and books, school is $1000 this coming semester. Oy vei. What do I look like? Someone who has a lot of money? It's just frusterating to see the student loans rack up and feel like I'm getting NOWHERE. I sometimes think about just quitting and work on paying down the student loans, but I have to keep going. I sometimes think about stopping the student loans, and paying for everything myself and the loans as well. But I definitely can't afford that right now. I know I have to look at the end goal in sight: I'll eventually be a nurse who is bilingual. But, I'm going to be 90 when I do finally graduate with $40K in student loans. Why the rant might you ask? I looked up to see how much my books were yesterday, $400 for three classes. One good thing is my car accident has finally been settled! Hooray! I unexpectedly got a check for $500 a few days ago. Oh yeah! I put half of it in my savings account, need to start saving some $.

One final note, please pray for my friend Kristine. She is a cheerleading coach and found out yesterday that one of her girls passed away unexpectedly on Monday night. The girl was either 16 or 17. Such a horrible thing to happen, especially now. Pray to give her strength to help minister to the rest of the squad, pray for the girls, and definitely pray for the family.

Anyways, I have more to report on, but shall save it for another day.

Have a great day!



Quote of the day: "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. " ~Attributed to both Andy McIntyre and Derek Bok

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