Sunday, June 17, 2007

Blasted summer cold!

Oh man, in my last post, I posted that I thought I was getting sick. Well, I did. Full blast. This stupid cold has put me out of comission almost a week now and wound up taking 2 1/2 days off of work because of it. I am still feeling pretty badly, but I have to function. I can't go anymore without functioning with my normal life. I really need to get some immune boosters going. I am sick way too much! Sophie, a girl who was also in California for the wedding is sick as well. I talked to my cousin and she said three of my cousins are starting to get sick. Oy vei! Our Cali trip has messed us up!

That's all I really want to report on now. I wanted to do the rest of the post of pictures from California. ***Note: To people who were with me in CA, I am in the process of making you CD's of all the pics taken. But for now, you can save the ones I'm posting till I get the CD out. These aren't even half of the pictures!***


My cousin, Dominique


My cousin, Brittany


My cousin, Stephanie, and her niece, Lexy (Brittany's baby)


We tied ribbons on lots of glasses! There was over 100.


My cousins Pete and Danny


My cousin, Billie, and her boyfriend, Troy.


My niece, Rosie, (the bride to be) and Sophie


My adorable pregnant niece.


Kevin and my nephew, Charlie, taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.


My cousin, Joey. He didn't want me taking his picture.


She made a beautiful bride!


This is a picture of the back of her dress, it was beautiful!


My niece, Sarah and I. She actually started crying when she saw me. It had been a long time since she's seen me.


Nick and Rosie cutting the cake.


My closest cousin, Billie. We grew up together and I'm only 7 months older than her.


What's a trip to California without going to the beach? This is Newport Beach.


My cousin Pete, his wife Jenny, their two boys, Ben and Joey.

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