Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yes, I'll have some pictures please

  Hey everyone, I'm too tired to actually write because my blogs are usually long.

So, I'm giving you some pictures of recent adventures. Enjoy!


I love clouds.


A sign that times are changing. Diamondbacks changed their colors from teal, brown, and purple to red, black, and beige.


This is my friend, Steve, getting baptized. Hooray!


These are my girls that I have on Wednesday nights. I love them, they're awesome!


Rachel is such a ham.


This is Hoosier! Also known as Vernae. I took this picture of her,

I had her laughing so hard, she has the best laugh ever! I love her to pieces.


This is part of the Phoenix Skyline. We went to a park on Saturday and took pics.


Ah, Old Glory.


I was playing in the water, actually trying to get pictures of the ripples I was making in the water.


The park we went to was an old school yard. I thought this was interesting.

I wonder what is in the time capsule. It was a few months after 9/11 happened.


This is a plaque someone made for me. There is a man at church who has had a huge impact on my Christian walk. He has gotten a job as an Executive Pastor at a church in Florida. He likes to fish, there is a fish on there, but it's hard to see. The plaque is hand made by someone I know here in AZ. It's made out of oak. Guess how much I paid for it? $20. Yep, that's it. It helps to have an "in".

Have a great day!

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