Thursday, January 18, 2007

All you need in life... a few awesome friends.

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday! How is everyone doing? I’m doing pretty good.

I have to say, I have the greatest friends in the world. The ones, I’m really close to simply amaze me every day. I can feel the love they have for me. And irregardless of the mistakes I make or the things I choose to do, they still love me. I’m glad they love me enough to give me their honest opinion on everything.I value their opinions, they mean a lot to me. For the past week, I have really been realizing how much I just appreciate every single one of them for loving me, even when I make stupid mistakes and choices. I’m gonna give you a few examples from Becky, Kays, and Reed.

Becky and I went to dinner about a week or so ago. I knew that I needed to tell her something…but was desperately afraid of doing it. Becky is seriously one of the closest and I couldn't stand her mad at me. I just blurted out what I needed to tell her and she was okay with it. It felt good to get it out, it’s been something that has been brewing for awhile. Lol, I became like a little kid and was telling her that I’ve never kept anything from her before, this was the only thing and I wouldn't do it again. She didn't let that ruin anything we have. She is back at college, and I’m desperately missing her already.

Oh then there is Reed. He is my little brother (not really), but we are really close. I saw him minutes before he was picking up his girlfriend one day. This was the night he was going to propose and he was a nervous wreck. I remember standing there rubbing his arms telling him it was going to work out perfectly. But last night the tables turned. I was rehearsing something with Children’s where I am going to sing with the kids on stage, using a mic, singing along with aCD, and doing motions with them. I’m normally up on stage with someone singing, strumming a guitar and me doing the motions, but I’m up there all by myself. I had thought it was just going to be Kevin and I, then Reed, Kim, and Kris came in and I got super nervous. I was freaking out. Reed was doing his best to calm me down like I had done when he was about to propose. Reed says, “Brandy! What are you freaking out about? You’ll do great.” You have to know him, there is a certain way he says my name when I’m acting crazy about something. It helped having him in there to cheer me on and to encourage me.

And then my littlest sister, Kaysie. She is the youngest, but has so much maturity. We are choosing to disagree on something. We’re not fighting or arguing, never have. But I can see her side of the story and I totally see where I am going wrong. She doesn’t want me to get hurt in any type of way and she is looking at what is best for me. But, she still claims me as her Didi (which is big sister in Nepalese), and loves me no matter what. We have had some serious talks and some serious giggles!

Those are just three of my friends who are in my life and are very important to me. But in the past week, I have been really appreciative of them and the love they have in their hearts. Becky, Reed, and Kaysie...I love all of them with everything I can. And I’m proud to have claimed the big sister status to all of them.

Have a great day!



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