Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Thoughts from the book of Romans

Hold on to your hats folks, this might be a long blog. However I have got some things to say. When I first started blogging, I only had actual people that I know read my blog and I only read theirs. I have branched out and found some other people's blogs to read and they read mine. It's funny, you read their blog and you begin to learn about them and their lives, and ultimately you begin to care for them and their well being as much as you can online. There is somebody that I subscribe to, who I won't mention, but she knows I'm doing this blog. Whenever I go to her site and read her blog, there are numerous comments from other people who are calling her trash among other things. It's really disgusting. In turn, it has given this person a very low self esteem problem and has increased her depression. These people who are saying these horrible things are CLAIMING to be Christians. What is God's biggest commandment in the Bible? LOVE GOD, LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.

Now, let me put this into perspective...do you think that by putting someone down is being like Christ? Do you think Jesus went around and called people trash? NO! Not by any means, he actually hung out with all kinds of "trash". I know this might not be my place, however we are to hold our brothers and sisters accountable in Christ. I'm not claiming to be perfect, however I do not spend my days kicking people's self esteem down. I sometimes think that some of these people who blog have nothing else better to do then to come up with ways to ruin people's days. Romans 1:12 talks about mutually encouraging each other's faith and Romans 12:10 talks about being devoted in brotherly love. Do you think that is encouraging to hear these things? No of course not. This person put her came to Jesus story out for the world to see on her blog. She has had a hard life, but it was amazing to read and to see where God has brought her from. Yet people would condemn her for her past life. It is not for us to judge how someone's past or present life is. Romans 2:1 talks about there being no right to judge people because you do the same things. I remember growing up I would hear, every time you point a finger to someone, there are more pointing back at you than that one. This person you call trash...Jesus died for them just as he died for you and me. It is time to take a long hard look at yourself before you start passing judgement on other people.

If you want to know more about this, the entire New Testament is a great place to start.
I don't know if the people who were leaving comments will read this, I really could care less if they do or not. However, it is something I wanted to write about because it's something that needs to put out in the open.

Have a great day and remember to bring people up, not down.

Love, Bran :)

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