Thursday, September 28, 2006


So this past weekend in Children's Ministry, we talked about commitment and how Jesus' disciples were deeply committed to him. We talked about no matter how hard something may be to stick to it. And even though following Jesus may be hard at times, we need to stay committed. It was a really good lesson. For the activity we had two teams, blindfolded one from each time. Gave them an obstacle course and they had to make they way back to their team members. The obstacle course was hard, but the point was you needed to be committed to your team. After that was over we gave them something to color. We told them to bring them back colored this weekend. We told them that this pic was not hard to color, but would take time, commitment. I vowed with the kids if they colored theirs, I would color mine. Over all it probably took me about 2 hours to color this, but I wanted to be a good example for the kids:


Yes, folks. I colored that. I just barely finished it. I love coloring, it's very relaxing. I did that over a course of a few days, it was colored in marker and the smell is very strong. I alternated colors, and switched each one out. All the circles going up and down start with pink and all the circles going across start with blue. Purpose of the blog: Life has been so hard since I became a follower of Jesus, BUT life has been so great. I wouldn't change it for anything! Following Jesus is hard, especially when you live in the world we live in. But you have to be committed. I am a person who commits to things or people. You have to look at your commitment with relationships in your life and compare it to Jesus. Use the same standard that you do in other relationships. I'm committed to a friendship, I care for them, I love them, I give them everything I have. We all need to be the same way with Jesus. I do the same thing with my job. I love my job and care about my work and I give them everything I have. Just something for you to ponder on.

Anyways, gotta go. Have a great day!

Love, Bran :)

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