Saturday, September 16, 2006

You're so close guarded

This post shall be about my family. Whew! I don’t even know where to start. I have been getting questions from people as to why I only talk about selected family members. People also have been asking why I’m so close guarded regarding my family. Well, the answer is….there isn’t very many sane people in my family. I’m going to answer one question today, anything else you wanna know, ASK. I’ll begin to post a little bit about the crazy family I come from. I’ve been really questioned about being so guarded lately, why am I like that about a lot of things? Honestly, it’s because I don’t get the impression that a lot of people really care. If you really cared, you would ask and sincerely mean it, not just to make conversation. I have no clue why people have been asking all a sudden. So, that is my motto, if you ask I will tell, irregardless of what it is, otherwise it will stay bottled up. I had a good life growing up; my family is just a little (wait, maybe more than a little) weird.

Okay question…that I have received. Why were you raised by your grandparents? Well, when I was two my mother and father decided that they couldn’t care for me anymore. According to my grandma when she got me from my parents, I was neglected and really thin for my age. Dad and mom split and my mom took my half sister and dad went his separate way. They signed over custody to my grandparents (dad’s mom and dad). From that moment on, gram and gramps vowed they would care for me and give me a better life than I had. I also had a broken arm when she got me, as I had fallen down the stairs because the baby sitter wasn’t watching me. In 1985, grandma and grandpa legally adopted me as their daughter. So, technically I have siblings, but I was raised an only child. Does that make sense? I do not regret not being raised by my mom and dad in the slightest. My grandparents raised me very well and were very strict on me growing up. But, as a 29 (Gasp, I said the age!!) year old woman, I am a responsible, respectful adult who is a product of my upbringing. I have finished high school with a great GPA; I have a great job with the State of Arizona, and a very strong sense of self because of my grandmother. She had a huge influence in my life and the person I am now is because of her, and she is considered one of my heroes. Somebody (JB) told me that I was a strong person last night, yep, that is because my grandma and grandpa raised me to be that way.

Ooooo, so there is one question down. Ask if you want, I’ll answer. I have some more questions to answer for other posts also.

Anyways, gotta go for now! Have a great day!

Bendiciones, abrazos, y besos! (Blessings, hugs, and kisses, I think, in Spanish)


Quote of the day: “Our lives improve only when we take chances – and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.” ~Walter Anderson

Scripture of the day: “This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.” ~1 John 4:10

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