Thursday, February 4, 2010

Almost there...

I have numerous things to write about and feel compelled to update the ol' blog. I could write about my struggles. *Sigh* I really don't think you want to hear that. I could write about this new adventure I'm on. I could write how my birthday is soon. *Hint to family members*. The problem is that there's so much to write about, in many different aspects that I don't even know where to begin.

A lot of what I need to say should go the private blog. Even then, I'm not sure how to word it all. And so, in the need of updating, I'm going to talk about school. Because I can always talk about that subject.

I've been in school almost three weeks now. And I'm flat out exhausted. I'm only taking two classes, but they are both the ones I put off till the very end. Math and Chemistry. Basic Algebra and Basic Chemistry. Both which seem so foreign to me. I honestly despise them both. Gah! I decided to take my Math online. BIG MISTAKE! Since I'm not good in Math anyways, doing it online is consuming a lot of my time. I enjoy my Chemistry professor, but he doesn't play around and there is a lot to learn.

So, I'm studying and doing homework constantly. Trying to retain everything I can. I could very well be doing homework right now, but I needed a break. Tomorrow I will resume. Although, I'm crazy tired, my spirits are still intact. And that is saying a lot for me and school, even three weeks into the semester.

I believe my spirits are still good because this is my last semester of my general requirements before I can apply for the nursing program. *Grin* OMG, I have been on this journey FOREVER and I can't believe I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel called pre-requisites! The 2-year plan has turned into the 4-6 year plan. Yeah, yeah say what you want about me taking it so slow. I don't have the luxury of going to school full time. It's not easy managing work, school, church. I really don't know how people who are also married or have children do it.

The nursing program has a wait list. I am looking into other options as to maybe getting into a program quicker. I don't know if it will work, but it's worth a shot. If anything, I will take those 300 level Spanish classes I've been putting off while I'm waiting. :) I so want to be one of those people wearing cute scrubs and just working with kids. When I see someone in scrubs, I become so envious of them.

And it will be me soon enough. I would I could just snap my fingers and have my nursing degree. Gosh, I wish I could snap my fingers for a lot of things in my life. I sometimes wish I had gone to college right after high school, but that path I took was part of God's plan. It was the path that led me to Him and had I actually gone to college immediately, my future could of been different in a lot of ways. Good, bad, indifferent. I don't know how it would of been, but I can say this much, who knew when I would of found God had I taken a different path? So, the long haul through school has been worth every single step.

Okay, do you feel updated enough? I hope so! :D

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