Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mr. Grumpy Gills

Lately, I've been just plain cranky. My mouth has been bad and my attitude has been horrible. Poor Kristine and J has had to deal with the brunt of it. I blame it completely on stress from school.

I made the mistake of taking another class besides Anatomy & Physiology this semester. Some people can handle taking classes with A&P, I however cannot. I feel like I am constantly doing homework, studying for a test or lab test. I don't get a day's rest in between.
It usually happens every semester about half-way through, I start to lose motivation. I start to hate school. I start to care less about an education and it's just because I'm so burnt out from my classes. That time is now. I'm exhausted!
Anatomy is a hard class. It's a lot of memorization and I think my stress is multiplied when my professor only teaches half the time. He started off the semester cussing something fierce. He stopped doing that for a short time, but now he seems to be back at it again. On top of only half teaching Anatomy, he's wasted my class time by watching videos on YouTube like UFC Fighting, Bon Jovi, the world's biggest zit, etc. He starts to teach, but then goes off to a whole different subject. He always has a story to tell us, 90% of the time it has NOTHING to do with this Anatomy class that is costing me about $700.
This past Tuesday, I came very close to just walking out of his class. Because apparently watching two Bon Jovi videos wasn't enough, we had to watch some Aerosmith as well, 25 minutes after class was supposed to start, he decided to teach. Ultimately all this teaching he's doing (or lack of) is really affecting me. I know I can learn this stuff, but I need a little guidance along the way from a professor.
I'm seriously at my wit's end right now with him and I'm dreading going to class. It's a test night, normally on test nights, we take the test and we get to leave. Not so much in this class. He does not give us the test until he's told us at least two very long stories that once again have nothing to do with anything. He gives us the test, proceeds to talk through most of it. Oh and let's not even begin on the subject of how offensive he is or how he talks about people in the class and mocks them.
At the end of the semester, we fill out evaluations on the professor. Yes, he may look good on paper, but does that mean he is capable of teaching a 200 level biology class.
Sorry, I needed to vent. I feel a smidgen better. I just have to try and not let it bother me. Strive for my good grades and never look back.

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