Sunday, July 5, 2009


Goodbye sirens coming down my street at all hours of the day.

Goodbye lights from cop cars, fire trucks, and ambulances waking me up at night.

Goodbye NASTY downstairs neighbors with your 7 kids.

Goodbye “critters” that came along with the nasty neighbors. No matter how hard I tried to get rid of you, you refused to leave. I now believe that if the world ended, the only thing left would be cockroaches.

Goodbye kooky neighbor who always lined up the pine cones on our front wall, because you said it gave it a “decorated” feel.

Goodbye apartment management who always treated me and the rest of the complex like we were the stupidest people ever.

Goodbye maintenance who took forever to respond to our calls. Good job on patchin’ up that hole in my ceiling wall.

Goodbye scary canals riddled with gang signs and alcohol bottles.

Goodbye cathedral ceilings, although pretty to look at, you made the apartment crazy hot.

Goodbye cat vomit.

Goodbye patios that just keep getting painted over to make them look new, but are really falling apart.

Goodbye Cubs Spring Training Game traffic.

Goodbye nasty apartment complex and everything else I hated about you and goodbye Mesa! I will not miss either of you!

And hello, Gilbert!


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The Vehons said...

Yeah for new beginnings but, maybe you can miss Mesa a tiny bit? :)