Monday, May 19, 2008

Do you have the "Right Stuff"?

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Okay, so the buzz seems to be lately about New Kids on the Block reuniting. Sweet diggity dog! They were on the Today show a few days ago. My friend sent me a link to the video of their performance. It happened so suddenly and completely unexpected. I began to get those know those giddy little school feelings you got when you watched them. I was excited to see them, they've aged well! I got all estatic and began jumping up and down in my chair. I even busted out the dance moves they were doing as I knew them all. Back in the day, I was a FREAK about NKOTB, freak I tell you. My room was plastered with posters, mostly of Jordan Knight. There was not an inch of wall that wasn't covered. I had the bed set, I had the dolls, I had all the buttons, school supplies, etc. I had all the albums, owned all the videos, taped anything of them when they were on television, including the cartoons every weekend. If it had to do with NKOTB, whatever it was, you name, I had it. And when Jordan Knight cut off his "tail", I will be completely honest in saying...I cried for days. And in my head, I was going to marry that man, I even practiced writing "Brandy Knight" on everything I could. I remember me and some of my friends (five of us, of course), replicated one of the poses from one of their posters. We all put on NKOTB stuff, and did the exact same pose, took a picture of it even. My poor grandmother would get dragged by my friend and I to all the concerts. The first concert we went to of theirs was at the Indiana State Fair, she drove us down to Indianapolis (about 4-5 hours away) to see them perform at the State Fair. I was such a dork, a huge big dork. LOL! And even at 31, watching them perform, they still get me all giddy and began to forget that I'm an adult now. Looking back on how obsessive I was, I can see how people can get like that over Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, Hansen, Jonas Brothers, etc.

So, I logged onto Myspace and decided to look them up and of course be their friend. I found their official page, requested to be friends, then also requested to be friends with Danny Wood and Jordan Knight. I was quite impressed with Danny's page, his music is good, and definitely not poppy. While looking through the NKOTB sites on Myspace (there is quite a few), I came across NKOTB Spain. I thought it was just another website, and the information was in Spanish. I decided to check it out....and I found the most hysterical thing ever!! The "Right Stuff" in English AND Spanish. No, not two different versions, one version with the lyrics in Spanish, and the "Uh, oh, oh, the right stuff" part in English. It was just funny. It's the most ghetto version I have ever heard. My friend, Vernae, called me to tell me that I made her laugh hysterical as well. That was the only song that had Spanish on it, but it was enough to completely make my evening.

If they come anywhere NEAR Phoenix, you can guarantee I will be at the concert.

Log onto , go to the Today Show link towards bottom, it will bring up the video. Okay, I logged on to write a quick blog as I was waiting for the floor in my kitchen to dry. I must get back to cleaning. But here....*Giggle* I *heart* Jordan Knight FOREVER!

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