Sunday, January 11, 2009

Layoffs are coming

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, then you know I work for the State of Arizona. I enjoy my job. Granted there are moments when I don't enjoy my job, but overall I am happy with my job. A lot of employees have been complaining because we haven't had a raise in two years or more. Yes, a raise would be nice, but right now with the economy, I'm honestly just thankful to have a decent job, decent pay, good health insurance and retirement benefits. With Arizona's budget being billions of dollars in debts, I can guarantee there will be no raises coming anytime soon. The state has taken many budget saving decisions, they have cut corners where ever they could (not ordering supplies, getting rid of postage paid envelopes, getting rid of numerous printers/faxes, etc). They always said they would try to save money in other places before cutting jobs. They even went so far as to "freeze" any open positions the state has meaning those positions will not be filled. They were doing what ever they could to avoid layoffs.

Last week the paper said the AZ will literally be out of money come February. The state will have to borrow for other states on a short-term basis even to just make the payroll for all of the employees. In today's paper, there it was...the paper saying that due to the budget crisis, programs will be cut more and layoffs are imminent. *Sigh* Nobody wants to hear that they may be laid off. Especially someone like me, who honestly doesn't have financial stability. And although nobody has been laid off yet, it will be happening.

This makes me scared, I'm sure everyone is scared. Even people who have 15+ years in with the state are scared about their jobs, their future. Because I have almost 8 years of state service under my belt, I'm banking on the fact that when I move, I will probably be able to get a job with the State of Oregon. But, in all honesty, just because I have state employment here, doesn't mean I'll have it there. And even if I can get in with the state there, I will be the low man on the totem pole. I am going to try with the state and city as well as possibly the hospital. I just have to have faith and know that God will take care of me. But, when I start thinking about my future, it's definitely scary.

On a side note, I'm crazy proud of our AZ Cardinals right now. Seriously, one game away from going to the Super Bowl. I didn't really follow them for the entire time I have been here, but the family likes the Cardinals and I have seen quite a few games with them. Thus, this season, I started following them. I didn't follow them like I religiously follow my college football. But I have been paying attention to the team, reading up on them. I hope they go to the Super Bowl, I hope they win the entire thing. It would definitely bring a boost in morale to the State of Arizona. Go Cardinals!


Roxanne Kristina said...

Thank you for your sweet comment. I appreciate your heart re: family. My favorite saying, "Love is a decision." How you create your family is not the point. It is that you have created one. I am proud of you for doing that.


Danny said...

Bran Bran, thanks for the birthday card. I appreciate you remembering. By the way, God is in control of all things. You are His child and He loves you dearly. He WILL take care of you.


Sheri said...

I know you don't like the unknown - but think of the adventure that God has in store for you! Maybe He wants you to stick with state work...maybe not. If you had told me 18 months ago that I would be doing what I'm doing today I seriously would've thought you're crazy. BUT - I LOVE it!
Looking forward to seeing you this weekend :)

Mel said...

Praying for you